Review: Vicks Paediatric CoolMist Mini Ultrasonic Humidifier

The last few months in the Richmond household have been dominated by snot, I’m afraid to say.  Mostly snot from Richmond Baby, although periodically there has also been snot from Richmond Daddy and I – mostly as a result of a variety of cough and cold bugs we’ve no doubt picked up from our darling daughter.  It’s not been pretty.  Nor has it been much fun – I don’t know about you, but if I go anywhere near my little one armed with a tissue, heading for her nose, it sends her into a complete meltdown and the snot ends up smeared over her face as I try in vain to wipe it away while she thrashes her head from side to side.

Anyway, enough about snot, but it is relevant, as I come on to tell you about the rather fabulous Vicks Paediatric CoolMist mini ultrasonic humidifier, which is as effective as its name is long!

Prior to having one of these nifty little machines, and while “snot-gate” was reigning supreme, I had been trying everything from Karvol vapour rub on baby’s chest at night (effective, I have to say), plug-in vapour do-dah’s, and then finally – on the advice of my oracle (aka my mum), soaking wet towels on a hot radiator.  The latter in order to try and create some moisture in the air while baby slept, but of course that didn’t really last the whole night through as the towel would dry and we’d be back to square one.

Enter stage left the CoolMist…. it maintains a moisture level between 40-60%, for better breathing and soothing, and promises to help reduce the survival of flu viruses and to ease dry nose, throat, eyes, and skin discomforts in order to help keep you baby well.  As soon as I got my hands on it, I popped it into baby’s room to see what it could do.

The CoolMist in situ!

It works by pumping out a soft and steady stream of mist and also, for when snot and being generally bunged up is the issue, you can insert optional VapoPads, which then release soothing menthol vapours in the mist, which I tried over the course of the first week and it smelt wonderful in baby’s room.

Pretty much from the first night of using the CoolMist, I could hear (through the baby monitor, which I still can’t quite turn off yet… am I the only one?!) that Richmond Baby was breathing more easily (through the snot…) – there was less of a snuffly, snoring sound, and she certainly slept more soundly than she had done for a while since having the dreaded cold.  I did have worries about the humidifier releasing germs into the air – having scared myself by reading online that the cold water versions of these machines can by an excellent breeding ground for bugs and bacteria, ugh – BUT, the Vicks CoolMist humidifier comes complete with a built-in anti-bacterial cartridge, which delivers a germ-killing function, phew.

I’m not sure that it necessarily helped speed up baby’s recovery time, at the moment she seems to lurch from one cold and cough to the next, but I think that’s just how it is right now and coupled with the fact she goes to nursery, it probably is inevitable.  But, I do think it made sleeping at night far more bearable because she could breathe more easily – see below for proof!

Sleeping peacefully with multiple teddies!

If you fancy trying to win one, there are ten up for grabs over on the Emma’s Diary site – good luck!

I was sent the Vicks Paediatric CoolMist mini ultrasonic humidifier to trial and review, but my opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “Review: Vicks Paediatric CoolMist Mini Ultrasonic Humidifier

  1. Hi Richmond Mummy, Are you in Australia and did you buy your Vicks Coolmist Mini Ultrasonic Humidifier in Australia? If so, where did you get it from please? I have done a lot of research on humidifiers and would really like to get this one. I clicked on your link from Amazon but do they deliver to Australia? Thank you for any help and apologies if you are not in Australia!! Kind regards

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