Baby’s first birthday!

I can’t believe I am writing this a full week after the event, but better late than never I guess. This time last week, on Tuesday 21st February, my beautiful baby girl (aka the infamous Richmond Baby), turned 1! Happy birthday princess boogaloo!

The birthday girl

The week hadn’t exactly got off to a great start… Monday morning, I woke after what had been a very restless night of coughing and getting up and down to baby, and finally bringing her into bed with us – meaning I’d slept in a weird contorted position, all in all contributing to me feeling decidedly crap when the alarm went off at around 6. Having also been ill over the weekend, I decided that I would be useless at work and so took a rare day off sick. Richmond Baby wasn’t looking all that great either – still coughing, still very snotty, and post breakfast now with dry and crusty Weetabix remains adorning her face. So I figured it seemed like a good idea to give her a bath before bringing her into nursery for a few house (to allow me to get some much needed rest and recovery time).

I stripped her off, pausing for a moment to reflect on the fact that she hadn’t done a poo overnight, nor since breakfast, and wondered whether I should give it a few moments, before deciding – foolishly it turned out – “nah!”, and pressed on regardless.

Plunging her into the bath she started happily splashing about, then in amongst the noise of the splishing and the splashing, I heard a “parp” – fearing the worst, my eyes dashed to her beautiful behind, where I then witnessed something I’m pleased to say I had never seen before and in truth, I hope to never see again… a gentle trail of poo, parp-parp-parping from her butt, snaking it’s way through the bath water and bobbing about happily in amongst the squeezy ducks and wind-up turtles. Aaaah!

Thankfully I did not take a moment to capture this event on my iPhone for the purposes of reporting it on my blog. I’m sure you’re all grateful.

Thinking fast, I grabbed her from her bath of poo, and plonked her naked and dripping wet onto a nearby towel. She was NOT impressed. Not one bit. She screamed, she cried, she crawled off at speed towards the landing, before parking her have-recently-defecated butt onto the beige carpet.  Aaaaah!

Thankfully it turns out that if you poo in water, your butt ain’t so dirty, so the carpet survived to tell the tale and I then managed to get a nappy on the aforementioned remarkably clean butt before then having to deal with the poo in the bath situation, which I can tell you turned out to be a pretty low point in my life: we’re talking rubber gloves, fishing out poo manually, trying to get a grip on it when it’ been in water is quite challenging in turns out (who knew?!?), and then shoving it into a nappy bag without causing any further damage (emotionally and physically to myself and/or the bathroom).  All this when I was actually at home sick from work, I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t really how I’d seen things panning out when I’d decided not to go into work that day.  I’d hoped to spend the best part of the day under the duvet drinking much needed Lemsip and watching Jeremy Kyle or something.  No such luck.

Anyway, what has this got to do with baby’s first birthday you ask? well nothing, technically, it’s just that it was quite a remarkable incident in her final hours of being an under one, and I felt compelled to share it with you…. so, on with the birthday stuff….

Ahh, my little baby girl, all grown up – yes, we made it to the one year milestone, all still alive (in my case, only just!), all with (most of) our faculties in tact, all still talking/babbling to each other.  Hooray for us!  Hooray for Richmond Baby!

And how did we celebrate? well, seeing as it was on Shrove Tuesday, we decided to throw a Pancakes & Pink Champagne party and it was lovely!  Unfortunately as we had to hold the gathering after work on a Tuesday, it wasn’t possible for everyone to come, but we had a great group of friends, a few little ones, lots of pancakes – expertly made by Richmond Daddy with his new “toy”, a rather fancy Le Creuset crepe pan – and lots of fun.  I was officially the worst mummy in the world for turning up an hour and a half late to my own daughter’s birthday party (delayed at work, delayed by crap trains/transport system

Happy Birthday Allegra

coming home) and felt suitably terrible, but had at least redeemed myself in part by baking the birthday cake, which I felt quite proud of and it was scoffed by everyone, so must have tasted alright I’m guessing.

A birthday cake and birthday balloon

Richmond Baby had a fantastic time playing with her million-and-one new toys – thank goodness we converted the study into a playroom when we did or literally I have no idea where we would be storing all these things, I could practically open a toy shop at this point!  She even started to get the hang of present opening rather successfully!

In many ways it is just impossible to really believe that my little baby girl, born a year ago on the 21st February, at 9.53pm, after being 2-weeks late, being induced, not coming out after 34 hours of labour, and then being wrenched out by an emergency c-section, is now a babbling, interactive, funny, entertaining, trying to toddle, speedy climber of stairs, lover of bananas (“nanas”), music loving, maracas loving, teddy bear cuddling, one year old.  How can that be?  Someone said to me at the weekend, the days can be long, but the years go by fast, and it’s true – some days are long and tiring, but this year has whizzed by because time sure flies when you’re having fun.


Richmond Baby, you are fun personified.

You are our sunshine (despite the poo-ing in the bath incident…) 🙂

8 thoughts on “Baby’s first birthday!

  1. I absolutely ADORE her little face in these pics. She is such a beautiful little girl. But, oh my, pooing in the bath and having to fish it out?! Even when it is the poo of your own child, that is still quite gross. Sadly, I have been there too. Only it was before he got in the bath and it ended up trod in the carpet and halfway down his leg.
    Hope you are feeling better and that someone saved you some of that fabulous birthday cake? xx

    • Hahaha aaah I remember the Z poo in the carpet incident well – horrific, but good reading! Aaah and thank you for your lovely compliments on my little beauty 🙂 we must get together with little ones in tow and introduce them! xx

  2. awww she is so darn cute!
    My Burton has pooed twice in the bath and I was amazed at how far it spreads in such a short time due to it disintergrating!! i did laugh at your tale (sorry!) but i have been there so was laughing in sympathy.
    Happy 1st Birthday to your darling girl – the years fly by far too quickly x

    • haha okay I forgive you for laughing then! 🙂
      clearly you know how challenging it is to capture poo afloat in the bath – the disintegrating thing is an issue, but annoying it doesn’t disintegrate to the point of being able to just go down the plug hole, oh no!
      thank you for the birthday wishes! 🙂 xx

  3. Oh sweet Allegra is one, congratulations!! With regards to the poo accident, we had it twice, but luckily it was both of us giving G a bath so one took her out and the other took the pooper scooper, aka a cup that we used to keep in the bath to wash her hair and that is now only coming out when needs must. my first time I was screaming so much that G thought something hilarious had happened and she actually laughed hysterically. The second time around we were better prepared, thank God! x

    • Thank you! I can hardly believe she’s 1, getting so grown up 🙂
      It seems the poo in the bath incident has happened to most people, I should maybe think myself lucky that it took until just before she turned 1 to happen to me. Hope it was a first and last time though ha ha x

  4. Oh yes poo in the bath… a log left on the sofa (should I tell people that? No one will ever want to sit on our sofa again!). Fun times! Happy birthday Allegra. x

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