The Photo Gallery: Friends

It’s been ages since I did a post for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers, but when I saw the theme this week – Friends – I just had to join in.  This picture was the first that sprang to mind, it’s of me with my best friend from university, Jenny.  It was taken one New Year’s Eve (as you can tell from the silly hats), Jenny had flown out to New York – where I was living at the time for a 3-month stint – to spend New Year’s Eve with me and had come to visit with another best buddy of ours and my then “friend” now husband, Richmond Daddy… who at the time, was known simply as David.

What I love about this picture is how it captures how hard we are giggling. I can’t even remember what we were laughing about, but it was good therapeutic laughing, the kind that makes you cry, the kind that makes you hurt a bit.  The kind that feels real good! 🙂

That’s the kind of laughing that Jenny and I often do together.  Okay, so it’s not as often as we’d like these days because we’re now both mums and working mums at that and it’s tricky to find the time to see each other and juggle home life and work life and all that stuff as well as make time to meet up for giggling.  But when we do, it is such a treat.

Jenny has been my friend for 18 years.  18 years!  We met at university in 1994, we were in rooms next door to each other in our halls of residence.  We bonded quickly and soon were sat on her bed or mine, chatting incessantly into the early hours, or drinking too much sambuca than is advisable on a monday night and listening to Son of a Preacher Man on loop, in the dark… good times.  Now we’re meant to be all grown up, we drink wine – preferably red – and meet for the occasional spa evening after work (a real treat) and have grown up jobs and are mums and have responsibilities… but we still share a love for Dusty and chatting into the early hours (if only we had more time to do it!) and reminiscing about the funny things we got up to in those early years of our friendship…

… like this one time, at band camp when we were in our first year at uni in Warwick, and we decided at the last minute to get the train down to London to see if we could get into a gig Evan Dando from The Lemonheads was doing in Harlesden.  We didn’t have tickets, we didn’t really know whereabouts in London Harlesden actually is (London Borough of Brent it turns out) and we didn’t really care.  We just jumped on a train and decided to chance our luck!  As it turns out, we found our way to Harlesden, managed to get 2 free tickets to the gig (by being in the right place at the right time when someone came out of the bar saying they had some freebies going spare!) and had an amazing time.  The journey back was a challenge, we only made it as far as about Milton Keynes before the trains back up North stopped and we couldn’t get on a train to Coventry until the early hours of the morning so we spent a cold night in a waiting room on a station platform feeling somewhat jaded, but it was totally worth it.  Like, totally!

Something I hope for and wish for, for Richmond Baby, is that she’ll have a Jenny in her life.  Although I’d be less keen for her to do the sambuca drinking and snoozing in railway waiting rooms (although that was just a one off… not the sambuca drinking, but the snoozing in a railway waiting room…).

This post is for week 93 of The Gallery: Friends.  To read more entries pop over to Sticky Fingers and have a browse of some of the other great stories.

6 thoughts on “The Photo Gallery: Friends

  1. I love this photo! I read a few of this week’s Gallery posts for the first time this week because of the lovely theme. All of them have made me feel all warm and fuzzy about my friends, old and new.
    I love those nights out, memories made.

    • Ah than you 🙂 I know, it was a very lovely theme this week, so I thought I must join in. Haven’t done a Gallery for absolutely ages.
      This is one of my favourite photos of me and Jenny, it just makes me laugh even looking at it xx

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