Review: LINDOR Collection Gift Box from LINDT

What could possibly make for a fitting gift to show your appreciation and thanks to the person in your life who doesn’t mind when you throw up over them? Who is nonplussed at having to scoop your poo out of the bath and who when faced with a mouthful of snot and drool after going in for a kiss, simply grabs a tissue and shrugs it off.

How do you say thank you to someone who just deals with it (with coffee), when you wake them up on a Saturday morning at 6.10am with a bash on the forehead with a plastic tambourine that plays a plinky-plonky version of something resembling la cucaracha?

What perfect present would you chose to express your gratitude to someone who grins and bears it when you pull out clumps of their hair; bite their shoulder with your newly emerged teeth; or bash their bare foot with the heel of their own French Sole ballet pump in a no doubt kindly-intended gesture to show them how to put shoes on?

How do you know what great gift to give the person who has attempted to suck your nasal congestion clean out of your nose with one of those ineffectual aspirators that suck jack s**t and simply leave the sucker light headed from all the deep intakes of breath?

When there are no words to tell someone how grateful you are for the fact that they are willing to sing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes’ or ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ in public places….

Well, Richmond Baby, if you’re reading this (and it’s possible she might be, she is a baby genius after all…), let me tell you….

Firstly, I should say of course having you, beautiful baby girl, light of my life, centre of my world, is indeed present enough.  But…. but… should you be wondering what more you can do to reward me for being the best mummy I can be (modest too) this Mother’s Day, which – for the record, is on the 18th March, a mere two weeks away – allow me to give you a big hint…

The LINDOR Collection Gift Box.  We’re talking heaven in a box.  An assortment of pure chocolate deliciousness, lovingly created by the LINDT Master Chocolatiers:, the finest selection of LINDOR truffle flavours in one beautiful gift box.  The perfect thank-you for mummies everywhere (particularly this one, in Richmond, who feels a bit knackered).

There are milk chocolate ones and there are white chocolate ones, extra dark chocolate and hazelnut ones, there are even fancy-pants stracciatella (think choc-chip) ones, and for the mummy who enjoys the odd tipple (well, sometimes just a little sherry helps you get through the day right?), there’s even Irish cream ones.  Mmmmmmmmm…  All with the luscious and distinctive melted chocolate centre that sets the special LINDOR truffle apart from all the rest.

I love the stracciatella.  No, wait, the hazelnut.  Oh no, hang on, maybe the white chocolate.  Ummm, no, no, definitely the stracciatella…. let me try another one just to help me make up my mind.

Oh and as well as the 19 (19!!) delicious LINDOR truffles, the collection box also contains three special LINDOR milk chocolate truffle hearts…. one for mummy, one for daddy, one for baby-girl, all to share for mummy to enjoy on Mother’s Day!

Deeeeeelicious….. especially when enjoyed while soaking in a relaxing hot tub of bubbles.

Yes, that’s how you could say thank you – if you were looking for a way, beyond just giving me one of your special opened-mouthed slobbery kisses and your special hugs where you put your little arms around my neck and squeeze.  Although I’d like both of those things too as well please.  Greedy I am, oh yes.

I was sent LINDT’s assorted LINDOR Collection gift box to review for the purposes of this post.  I took my review very seriously and tried each and every chocolate in the box personally (okay, I threw Richmond Daddy a few because he was salivating beside me on the sofa and it was causing a terrible mess) in order to provide this accurate and honest opinion.

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