Baby Steps & New Shoes

How did it get to Sunday already?!?! – god this week has flown by and my new blogging resolve hasn’t exactly gone to plan – after stating last Sunday that I was renewing my enthusiasm for blogging and getting back into the swing of things, it’s taken me until tonight, Sunday, a whole week later, to get back on the laptop.  Sigh.  Still, better late than never ‘n’ all that.

So, anyway, one of the things I’ve been meaning to write about for a little while now is about Richmond Baby’s first forays into walking.  Yes, WALKING!  She is now 13 months and in that time has gone from a tiny (well, 9lbs 10, arguably not that tiny!) newborn baby who slept – a lot, drank milk – a lot, and ummmm farted – quite a lot, to a now tottering and toddling about little mini person who babbles and chats, and WALKS… yes WALKS!

It all started a few weeks ago.  Richmond Baby had been given a baby walker for Christmas and up until now, she’d just enjoyed pressing the buttons and bopping along to the music it played.  But a few weeks ago, she started to figure out that she could use it to walk with (I mean, the clue is in the name right, but clearly she hadn’t got the memo).  So here’s how it all began:

It was around this point that I was hearing from nursery that she had been trying to walk there, but her lack of appropriate footwear (either just socks, or those squishy slippery shoe things that you buy for young babies) might be holding her back.  So one Friday, after Monkey Music, I was excited to be taking her on her first shoe shopping expedition.

What could be better, I had foolishly thought, than Mummy and Allegra’s afternoon of shoe shopping fun.  Oh how wrong I was.  We aimed high, heading to London’s King’s Road and straight for Trotters, which is a mecca for all things gorgeous and pricey that is baby and child.  But, I thought, it’s her first pair of shoes, it’s special, let’s splash out.  Well, the woman who served us wasn’t brilliant for starters, bit of an odd manner, and as soon as she got a hold of Richmond Baby’s ankle, to put it in the foot measuring thing, all hell broke loose.  RB was screaming, she was thrashing about, big fat tears were streaming down her face, I mean she went properly hysterical.  It was insane.

I did all I could to try and calm her down and we were with my lovely friend Tash and her baby Evangeline, who was looking on slightly bemused in her pram at the performance RB was giving, it was quite something.  Together we calmed her down and tried another approach, and then another, and then another.  But to NO avail, basically RB was having none of it!  Tash and I looked at each other, by this point we’d figured it must be the woman serving us and maybe RB had just taken a dislike to her for whatever reason.  This suspicion was then further exacerbated by the woman saying “yeah, it’s funny, some babies they just hate having their feet measured, I have this one customer, whenever she brings her daughter in, as soon as she just approaches these steps up to the shoe section, she just starts screaming and crying…. I can’t understand it…” – hmmm, well, I wonder what it could be?! So, we decided to give up, and instead made our way to Peter Jones, wondering if we might have more success there, with a different sales assistant.

Sadly not.  Once again, as soon as the sales assistant took hold of RB’s ankle, it started all over again: the hysterical screaming, the big fat tears, the thrashing about – I mean she literally freaked out having her foot measured way more than she ever has even when having had her injections!  It was bizarre.

Once again, after trying numerous different ways to get her feet measured without traumatising her at the same time, we had to give up.  In the end they only way was to wait until she’d fallen asleep in her buggy, before then dashing into another gorgeous (and pricey, eek!) shop on the King’s Road, Igloo, and having the sales assistant measure her foot while she snoozed.  I then set about picking her a couple of pairs of shoes – thought I’d buy two at once, didn’t want to have to go through all this again in a hurry! – and trying them on her before she woke up.  Success at last!

First Shoes

Two pairs of new shoes are always better than one

And I’m pleased to report that she has taken to the new shoes very very well – in fact, she loves them!  She generally wears the goldy-nude coloured pair as everyday for nursery shoes and then the smart little black pumps tend to be more “for best”.  Since having the shoes, her walking has come on in leaps and bounds, it’s quite amazing!

It was about 3 or 4 weeks ago, around the time of her birthday, that she started pottering about the house with her walker, then she gradually ditched the walker and started going it alone a bit more, and now, 4-weeks or so on, she hardly ever crawls now and instead staggers and sways around the place like a little drunk! it is too cute.

We’ve taken a ton of video footage of her walking in action, but amongst my favourite has to be this one, which I shot on my phone last Sunday when we went to Richmond Green to enjoy some March sunshine and a lovely little picnic.  Richmond Baby found walking on the grass a little challenging but she persevered despite the many tumbles and even managed to have a bit of a kick around with her ball… (check out the chubby thighs, nicely shown-off by the cute romper suit she’s wearing, a present from aunty yve – thank you!):

8 thoughts on “Baby Steps & New Shoes

  1. E was the same when I took her to be measured for her first pair of shoes – completely inconsolable!!! However, I am pleased to report that today we got measured for her second pair (erm… And third… I thought shed need some nice open toed shoes for summer) and it was a much more positive experience. No tears!!

    I adore both those pairs of shoes!!

    • Well that’s good to hear – maybe she’ll grow out of her fear of feet measuring in time! Yes the shoes are totally gorgeous, Richmond Daddy is still baffled and in shock at how much they cost, ahem, but a girl’s first shoes are special right?!? Had to splash out a big on them…. Next time we’ll go to Clarkes!
      Hope all good with you xxx

  2. Look at her THIGHS!!! I love them. Two pairs of shoes are always better than one and I am loving the nude/gold pair. She looks totally gorgeous walking in them. Little RB, all growing up 🙂

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