I like to ride my bicycle…

Richmond Daddy decided that for Richmond Baby’s first birthday, we should get her – amongst other things – a Wee Ride, which (for the uninitiated) is a special bike seat that fits to your bike and where your little one can sit and enjoy some cycling action.

I had a concern about this for many reasons….

1. She could fall off the bike…. and die

2. Someone could crash into the bike… and she could die

3. Richmond Daddy could lose control of the bike… and they could BOTH die

All in all, I was convinced it was a bad idea.

But, somehow, I was overruled and we now have a Wee Ride and it is fitted to Richmond Daddy’s bike and Richmond Baby even has a smart pink helmet to wear when she’s sitting on the bike.  I remain concerned, but I must confess, apart from the first instance when we took her out and about for a cycle and she cried quite a lot – mostly because she HATED the helmet – she has now started to really enjoy it and has even, it seems, come to terms with the helmet.

A family bike ride in Richmond Park with Richmond Baby on the Wee Ride was actually so much fun – once we’d gotten into the park and I could relax a bit that we were off the roads.  So while I may not be 100% convinced – am still worried about the potential “death” risk – I must concede, that it is a really lovely thing to enjoy as a family together and now Richmond Baby has stopped crying about the helmet, she seems to really love being on the bike with Daddy (note. rice cakes also helped make the whole experience all the more enjoyable too… snacks on the move seemed to help her relax and enjoy…).

The first bike-ride (note the unsure expression)

Bike ride take two (loving it!)

Trying to steer

Daddy and Allegra on the bike

So there you have it, maybe (just maybe) Richmond Daddy was right… hmmmmm.

5 thoughts on “I like to ride my bicycle…

  1. The helmet is so cute. You could get a matching one, Richmond Mummy! I would be stressed about the death risk too, especially in my job! Daniel has a Smart Trike with a parent handle which he really enjoys. Happy cycling!

  2. She is tooooooo cute in her little pink helmet! You’ll have a fab time with the wee ride – although like you, I would be too nervous to cycle on actual roads! Enjoy x

    • Haha I know, the helmet is too cute! Thankfully at least now she has come to terms with wearing it. It is lovely taking her for bike rides in the park but I do have “the fear” in the back of my mind re potential accidents – must try not to dwell on that…

  3. Ha ha I love all of your ‘but they might die’ reasons for nt getting a wee seat! Brilliant I was the same when my OH did the same for Burton! Anyway, as it happens , as with Allegra and her Daddy, it is all fine and there have been no accidents or deaths!
    I love her pink helmet and her and her daddy are so sweet together on the bike 🙂

    • Interesting how it seems to always be the OH that gets the wee ride sorted for the little one – they are obviously less afraid of the potential death scenarios! It is fun though I will concede 🙂

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