mOmma I love you!

No, this is not a tribute to the (rather naff) Spice Girl’s song, god that was awful and don’t get me wrong, I loved all that girl power stuff as much as the next girl but I was always more of a “Say You’ll Be There” lover.  Anyway, I digress…

mOmma by Lansinoh (yes, those of nipple cream fame) is a range of rather stylish and contemporary looking products from Italy, which are designed for babies and children, and really do combine function and beauty.  I was sent the 250ml Non-Spill Cup with Dual Handles to review with Richmond Baby, which retails at approx. £5.99, and basically, I love it.  Fact.

Apart from the fact that it is rather gorgeous in its design, with its rounded bottom (who doesn’t love an curvy bottom eh? I know I do…) and ergonomic shape, which encourages a rocking movement, it also has a rather clever soft silicone spout, which has “spill-proof” technology.  Essentially, you can fill it with milk, tip it upside down, and shake it to kingdom come, and it DOES NOT LEAK OR SPILL.  It is quite simply, remarkable.

When I was sent the mOmma cup, Richmond Baby was still firmly established on the same bottles that we’d essentially been using since birth – having changed the teats gradually as she got older – and we were still sterilising and all that malarky, which was frankly getting increasingly tedious.  Conscious that I needed to start moving her on from a bottle to a beaker, I hadn’t found quite the right transitional product and various cups/beakers I’d tried had either baffled her or soaked her in equal measure.  Not good.

So, I was interested to try the mOmma cup, and I was so impressed by it and by the ease with which Richmond Baby picked it up and started happily using it, that I packed up the bottles, threw away the teats, and boxed up the steriliser there and then and sent them up to the big storage unit in the sky (aka “the loft”).  Boy was it liberating!

Road-testing the mOmma

Let me tell you specifically what I love about this cup:

1) it doesn’t spill, like, ever

2) Richmond Baby finds it easy to hold onto thanks to the big and easy to grip handles and easy to drink from thanks to the soft spout, which – as I may have previously mentioned – DOESN’T LEAK! and only requires gentle sucking (unlike some other beaker/cups I’ve tried, that you’d need to get Henry Hoover on the case with to get anything out of them)

3) because of its rounded bottom, it’s like a Weeble (remember them?) – it wobbles but it don’t fall down… which means that even when it gets chucked on the floor from the heady heights of baby’s highchair, the spout doesn’t end up touching the floor as it just rocks softly and the rights itself – genius

The mOmma cup at breakfast

I honestly have been so impressed by this cup and by how easily Richmond Baby took to it, that I am now desperate to buy more of them.  In fact, a week after getting the sample to try, I headed off to Boots to buy more – thinking they must be stocked there.  Sadly they are not (they should be!) and that was a bit annoying – not least as I’d packed all my other bottles away in enthusiasm for the new cup! – but, you can buy them from Amazon, along with lots of other lovely products in the mOmma range.

The cup we trialled is recommended for age 9 months plus and I am thinking, now that RB is just over 13 months, that we might try graduating to try out the mOmma cup with straw with dual handles, which is recommended for 12 months plus and looks rather gorgeous (got to love that Italian design credential) and again, has a RRP of £5.99 – which I think isn’t too bad, considering the quality and functionality of the product.

There are lots of other desirable products in the mOmma collection, from drinking to mealtimes and teething, through to even nappy changing bags.  A few items that I particularly like the look of:

mOmma Vogue - £4.99
a bottle with a thermal jacket to keep liquids at a certain temperature

Developmental Meal Set - RRP £13.99
check out the gorgeous fork and spoon!

So all in all, I can’t say enough good things about mOmma.  If you want to take a look at the website, click here, and if you’re looking to buy, then Amazon stocks much of the range.

Me and my mOmma

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