And the nominees are…

I’ve always loved Awards ceremonies – something so exciting about that “and the nominees are” line… I know, it’s a bit odd, but for me it’s up there with the same sort of weird excitement I get going into an airport, yes the two aren’t related, sure, but still, I find them strangely exciting.  I like awards ceremonies and airports, there – I’ve said it.  Anyway, ’tis not the BAFTAs nor the OSCARs, nor even the strange but true “British Parking Awards” (yes there is such a thing and guess what, they’re in their 10th year! don’t believe me, then click here) – nope, none of those, it’s something FAR more important:

MAD Blog Awards 2012

Yes, it’s the MADS 2012 – which celebrates the best Mum and Dad blogs and has absolutely nothing to do with being clinically insane. Well, I say that, but actually, you probably have to be a little bit mad to be writing a blog in the first place and sharing the intimate details of your life, loves, and laundry with the word-wide-web, but as I said, no need to be actually clinically insane, as far as I know.  But it probably helps. A bit.

So, yes, the MADS – there are lots of different categories, from Blog of the Year (the biggy!) to Blog Post of the Year, through to Best MAD Travel Blog and Best MAD Family Life Blog (which, by the way, for the latter, you need to be nominating the very brilliant Grenglish for – so get to it, I’ll go put the kettle on, then pop back here when you’re finished).

It’s nominations time for the MADS right now and guess what?! – some very lovely person has nominated me, yes ME! in the category of Best MAD Baby Blog!  I am so so thrilled and would like to thank whoever it was/is that nominated me, you are officially super!

MAD Blog Awards 2012

Now, I should point out that I am nominated alongside a total of about 55 other blogs, all of which are no doubt brilliant and witty and beautifully written and therefore mean I don’t stand a chance of winning – BUT, to have been nominated (even if it is alongside 55 or maybe even 58) other nominees, is still a great honour.  So, I shall feel proud 🙂

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