Quick, baby’s sleeping…

When Allegra (aka Richmond Baby – actually, now she’s 13.5 months and walking, do I need to rename her Richmond Toddler?!) goes to sleep, when her head is snuggled face down in her cot – well, face down/side on, so she can like breathe and what have you – with her bum in the air and the sound of her breath slowly but surely letting me know she is calm and snoozin’… I think (to myself, ‘cos nobody else is listening…):

Sleeping peacefully, what a good girl

“Wahooo – I can go to the toilet!” – *runs to toilet and enjoys 30 seconds of peace before the cat barges in*

“Right, I should get in the shower, if I jump in now I might even have time to wash AND dry my hair!” – *but then wanders out of bathroom and gets distracted (often while having left the shower on, to warm up like, you know – yes, I know, terrible waste of water)*

“Actually, I’ll just run downstairs and tidy up the lounge and put away all her toys in the playroom, so we can reclaim the living/dining room, even if just for an hour” – *shower still going in the background*

“Oh, and while I’m here, I’ll just unload and load the dishwasher and wash her bottles and beakers ready for later”- *shower still going in the background*

“Crikey, better feed the cat…and have I given him his heart medication today? hmmm…”

“Ooooh, the chance to have a hot cup of coffee!” *boils kettle for 5th time that morning, but this time actually gets out a cup*

“Hmmm, better turn off the shower, will get in straight after have had cup of coffee” – *goes into steam filled bathroom, turns off shower, feels bad at total waste of water*

“Right, back downstairs to have coffee and I’ll check my emails, then will definitely get in the shower – need to do it before Allegra wakes up or she’ll be bashing me with the shower screen again, not fun” – *goes back downstairs, opens laptop, tries to set deadline by which time will have finished coffee and gotten into shower (then ignores the fact that the time passes and am still sitting there, extending the deadline)*

*Eventually goes back upstairs* – “Have I got enough time to put those clothes away that have been on the spare bed for approximately 6 months? – nah, she might wake up when I’m mid sorting, will leave for another day”

“Crikey, better empty the cat litter – Pigalle will have been wallowing in his own filth all morning if I don’t get to it” – *goes back downstairs*

*Suddenly realises there’s a Hansel & Gretel style trail but of snotty tissues throughout the house* – “Throw away snotty tissue left on bed.  Throw away snotty tissue left on floor.  Throw away snotty tissue left by changing area.  Throw away snotty tissue left on dining room table.  Throw away snotty tissue left by TV….”

“Must hunt for dummies.  Must wash dummies.  Maybe even try to plunge them into boiling water instead of just finding them around the place and dusting them off and using them. Ahem.  Sometimes, needs must…”

“Really should get in the shower, she could wake up any minute”

“Maybe just have another hot cup of coffee.  Mmmmmm”

“Oh bugger, is that her stirring?!” *listens intently, prays for another half an hour*

“Phew, no, still asleep.  Really should get in the shower.  Will just go on Twitter for a bit – just while finishing coffee” – *spends far too much time on Twitter, then decide to pop by Facebook to look at photos of people on holiday that I barely know*

“Actually, before I get in the shower – will just sort and put some laundry on..”

“Right, really should get in the shower, BUT, haven’t blogged for ages and my Tots 100 score continues to plummet – I’ll be outside the top 1000 by next month at this rate… will just try and get something written quickly now” – *puts off shower again and starts tapping away furiously on laptop*

“Oh bugger, what’s that?!” – *stares at baby monitor intently* – “bum, she’s awake” – *goes upstairs, still in PJs, unwashed, and rues the decision not to have gotten into the shower an hour and a half ago….*

Are you a procrastinator or do you listen to the little voice in your head that says “do it now and you can do all the other stuff afterwards”?!

Happy Easter everyone xxx

6 thoughts on “Quick, baby’s sleeping…

    • I know, very bad. Am getting much better at that and have been downstairs faffing about since baby went to sleep about 45 mins ago and haven’t turned the shower on once yet! #progress

  1. I used to procrastinate all the time and watch Grey’s Anatomy whilst tweeting, but now I have to just get on with it and save all the pleasurable things until after he has gone to bed at night. When he dropped his morning nap, I thought I would never be able to shower again but I found a way (Peppa Pig) but now he is dropping his afternoon nap again so I have no idea when I am supposed to catch up on True Blood and The Good Wife (I could blog less in the evenings but let’s face it, that is not ever really going to happen). xx

    • God I remember the days when baby would have a nap in the morning and at lunchtime and the afternoon – boy did I get a lot done! Now she’ll have a morning and lunchtime nap, or a big mid morning/lunchtime nap combined, or an early morning nap and a late afternoon – either way, it is hit and miss how much time I have to do stuff while she’s asleep. In the morning when I have to get ready for work I give her milk to drink either in her cot or on the floor in our room with Disney Jnr channel on – seems to work for a few minutes! x

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