Cheeky Baby Tees

When it comes to shopping, I like to think that I have it down to a fine art.  In my pre baby days, I could do some serious damage in about 20-minutes flat – think trolley dash in Top Shop and you get the picture.  I’m not saying it’s necessarily a good thing to be able to spend too much money on disposable fashion in a short space of time, but none-the-less, it’s a skill, and I have it.  Or rather, I had it.  Since Allegra came on the scene, I’ve actually done very little shopping for myself (Richmond Daddy may argue differently, but I know the truth) – I think it’s largely to do with the the whole constantly changing shape and size thing that makes shopping for me less enjoyable than it once was, oh, that and the fact that I don’t have the time.

So anyway, regardless of the above, I still consider myself to be a keen shopper, but now my efforts are more focused on shopping for Richmond Baby’s wardrobe – I like to think of myself as the Gok to her Wan… something like that anyway.  Although with less talk of bangers and more attention to cuteness over sassiness.  Not sure where I’m going with this whole analogy, let’s move on…

It was with great delight, therefore, that I greeted the news that my cousin (in-law) and his wife, had started up their own business selling tee shirts for babies and toddlers: after all, now I could shop and be seen to be supporting their family business – as any good cousin-in-law would do!  Genius.

Cheeky Baby Tees offer a range of great fun and high-quality slogan tee shirts for children up to 24 months old, all printed and dispatched from their base in South Wales to anywhere in the UK.  There’s a huge range to choose from and many of the slogans are inspired by their own (gorgeous and) cheeky baby, who is Richmond Baby’s second cousin, and his little friends, which means they are all really spot on and any mums and dad’s will be nodding knowingly when they take a look.

What I also really love about the tee shirts is that you can have them personalised, which is great for special occasions and gifts, but also works nicely for injecting a bit of cheeky fun into the everyday.  We were lucky enough to be sent one for Richmond Baby to try out and I had it personalised with her nickname – Princess Boogaloo (love it!) – and her Granny and Grandad, as well as her Aunty Susan, have also been busy buying personalised tee shirts from Cheeky Baby Tees (supporting the family business ‘n’ all that!) so Allegra has quite a collection now:

Personalised tee shirts from Cheeky Baby Tees

What I’ve been really impressed by is the quality of the tee shirts.  They are 100% cotton and super super soft, even after washed – in fact, I must say, they wash really really well. They also have poppers at the shoulder, which makes them really easy to get on and off.

Granny & Grandad love Allegra

Also, the tees are ethically made and sourced from a supplier who buys from a factory in Tanzania, established in its community since the 1960s and that has a reputation for good work practices as well as ensuring excellent quality.

I "HEART" Granny

There’s a huge range to choose from with tee shirts to suit the cute baby, the hungry baby, the twin baby, the birthday baby, even the techno baby!  Plus there are seasonal lines, so right now there are some fun tee shirts that would be great for your little one to wear on Father’s Day.  And, of course, there are the personalised tees (as per my Princess Boogaloo number – love it!), which come in at a very reasonable price, from £7.99 (up to 20 characters).

Honestly, I have been really impressed, and given the price too, I can see myself becoming quite addicted to getting new ones done for special occasions on the horizon.

You can find Cheeky Baby Tees online here and on Facebook here – and if you LIKE them on Facebook, you can keep up to date on exclusive offers and news.  It’s a lovely family business, so do take a look and if you like what you see, it would be great if you could spread the word. Thx!

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