Scribble.  It’s what Richmond Baby Toddler did, on the fitted sheet, of our bed, when she managed to get hold of a blue biro…. somehow… ahem.

Every day she's scribbling

Thought it was hilarious.

Proper hilarious.

Laughed her head off she did.


11 thoughts on “Scribble

  1. Ooooops! It’s amazing what they can do with the right tools for the job! I remember when Burton drew all over our wall about a year ago now, when Daddy was in charge I hasten to add! He was very proud of his creativeness!! Luckily it washed off the walls, I hope your bedding comes through the wash pen free x

  2. Whoops! If it makes you feel any better, Z has decorated the white walls in our lounge with crayon and if he so much as comes within 2 miles of a biro, you can guarantee he will scribble over everything he passes x

  3. oooops! Allegra! We are mean but don’t let G draw or scribble much at home. I figure she does it enough at the creche and I am worried about my walls…I know their pristine state will be short lived but I’m hoping to keep them scribble-free as long as I can. #MeanyMummy

    • Ha ha, I quite agree – I didn’t intend to give her the opportunity for scribbling, but she managed to get hold of a pen somehow and got to work! need to be more careful to store scribbling tools away in future xx

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