Say it

Sometimes you just don’t get around to saying the things you should to the people you love.

Sometimes, it’s because life gets in the way.

Sometimes it’s because you were about to, but then couldn’t quite get the words out.

Sometimes it’s because you can’t find the words.

Sometimes it’s because you tried to say it, but it all came out wrong, and not quite what you meant at all.

Sometimes, you started to say it, but then you felt soppy and embarrassed, and you stopped.
You brushed it off. Made a joke out of it. Poked fun at them, or yourself, rather than say it.

There are those moments in life, the “close calls”, when you think “god, I need to say it every day from now on”.
And you do. For a bit. You say it in the morning before you leave for work. You say it breezily at the end of a phone-call as a parting remark. Before long, you say it like you say “pass the salt”.

I love you.

I say it to Richmond Toddler a hundred and thirty-three times a day, on average. Sometimes more.  I squeeze her to emphasise it. I smell her hair and I bury my face into her tummy.  I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU.  It is the easiest thing in the world to say to her. Because I am consumed with it. The love. For her. Consumed.  And because she can’t look at me funny or say “don’t be soppy and silly mummy” – not yet anyway.

I should say it more to the other people in my life who I love. Who mean the world to me.
To Richmond Daddy: I LOVE YOU!
To my mum and my dad: I LOVE YOU!
To my sister: I LOVE YOU!
To my in-laws: I LOVE YOU!
To my Granny and my Nonna: I LOVE YOU! TI VOGLIO BENE!
To my cousins, my aunties, my uncles: LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!
To my friends: I LOVE YOU!

See? Not so hard.
Well, not so hard to write down.
Sometimes harder to say out loud.

But that’s okay. Saying it written down is fine.
When it’s written down and it’s read, it means just as much. It’s there, in black and white.

Say it on a post-it note. Or say it on a scribbled scrap of paper shoved into their pocket for them to find during the day. If you struggle to know what to say and how to say it, say it via hallmark cards and by the way, their father’s day cards will help you say it on behalf of your little one who perhaps needs a little help in saying it.

However you choose to do it, just make sure you do.

I love you.

Say it.

This is a sponsored post for Hallmark Cards.

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