Home, right now

Let me start off by saying that I would consider myself to be house proud.

More than that, let me also add that I am a Virgo.  And to quote that vision of manliness (is the obsession going too far?!?) that is Eric from True Blood, in Season 3: “I’m a Virgo, I like to be neat.”

So let me tell you, it is not lightly that I make the decision to share the following with you.  Brace yourselves, for this is my home, right now:  photographs are the only way to truly bring to life the horror…

The sitting room

The dining room

The chaos as viewed from the kitchen

The chaos in the kitchen

Additional chaos in the kitchen

Destruction on the dining room table

I am fighting a losing battle.


How do you keep your home neat and tidy when you have a vibrant, running around, inquisitive toddler? Is it even possible?!

*wanders off tripping over debris and starts the big tidy up*

12 thoughts on “Home, right now

  1. It doesn’t look that bad to me! Shall I post a pic of mine to your FB page? Also, good one sneaking Vampire Eric into another blog post although maybe a shirtless pic of him next time to really illustrate the point 😉

    • It’s bad enough, trust me! ha ha, yes go ahead – we can compare and contrast! yes, good point, a missed opportunity there re Eric… I’ll know for next time… (season finale this sunday – ooooh!) x

  2. Hahaha! Hate to tell you it will only get worse for the next few years! Go into damage limitation mode : big blitz once they’re in bed & a couple of big toy bins for the fastest tidy up ever when you get a 2 minute warning for visitors. Boxes don’t have to contain toys………

    • Oh god, it’ll get worse?!? Don’t tell me that! Yes the tidy up begins every night when Allegra goes to bed but then 5 minutes after she’s up in the morning it’s back to square one… Ah well, there are more important things in life to worry about than a bit of mess I guess (although it does bug me, I can’t deny!) X

  3. Lol, Babies do bring a lot of chaos don’t they? I am due a really big tidy up of mine- it is messy. I live in a show home normally- I hate clutter and mess. My husband hates living with me! x

    • I am the same, love to live in a show home! I just try really REALLY hard to tidy as I go, otherwise the mess becomes unbearable. I’ve tried to explain to Elfie the concept of ‘one toy out at a time’ rather than ALL the toys out but she hasn’t quite grasped it yet…

      • Haha one toy at a time – that’d be no fun at all! I definitely aim to tidy as we go, but every day there’s new chaos! Still, it’s a happy messy home and I can’t complain 🙂 (although of course I do!) x

  4. I am not a Virgo (a Gemini), but I too like, no love, to be neat. And the complete choas a toddler brings really grates at my sense of order 😉 Like you, I tidy round every night and breath a sigh of relief at the beautiful tidiness, which calms my soul 😉 What we have done though is make our sitting room a ‘grown ups’ room, and kept the door shut most of the time. And then we have a little TV and a small sofa in the ‘family room’ come kitchen/diner) and that’s where all the toys live and playing happens. The Grown Ups Room is our little haven of peace for when BF & BF2 have gone to bed. And breathe…….. 🙂

  5. welcome to the club.i/we pick up about a hundred cars, trains, planes, and vehicles of many descriptions, every night. Just to be all over the floor at seven a.m the next day. Archie delights in tipping a fruitbowl full of toy cars all over the windowsill, floor, chair…ahhh, parenthood, huh?
    take it easy, and relax…as you said, it’s only mess..

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