Home Alone

I’ve been home alone for the past 5 nights.  Actually, that’s not technically true.  Richmond Daddy took a boys trip – well, a married mans trip – from last Thursday to Tuesday of this week.  There were three of them, it wasn’t a stag do, it wasn’t a “boys holiday”, just three grown men, heading out to Vegas (yes, VEGAS!), to play some poker, chew the fat, spin a bit of roulette and, it turns out, enjoy a spot of digger fun – no, that’s not a euphemism for anything, apparently Dig This

Bob the Builder has a lot to answer for

is indeed the #1 attraction in Las Vegas (boys and their toys eh?!). What they weren’t doing, is hanging out in strip clubs and seeing naked ladies – just to be clear.  An important point of clarification, given the destination of their little jaunt.  Ahem.

So yes, the Daddy went off to Vegas and the Mummy and the Toddler remained back home in Richmond.  Not quite sure how/why I agreed to that, but hey ho, off he went with a half-empty suitcase (to bring home presents and winnings no doubt) and a spring in his step.

I mentioned that technically it wasn’t true that we were left home alone, you see my sister kindly moved in for a few days and helped out greatly and then I spent the weekend largely at my parents’ house, before having a couple of nights technically “home alone” before he returned.

It was strange.  Strange not having Richmond Daddy around.  True, it was nice to find that the relatively tidy state of the house remained that way – I don’t know what it is about him (Richmond Daddy, take note!), he’s a fellow Virgo so really he should know better, but lately his version of neat and tidy does not match with mine.  Annoying.  It was also nice not to have sport on the television 24/7 – that was more than nice, that was bloody BRILLIANT! It was nice to be able to lie in a star shape (should I so wish) in our bed and thankfully Richmond Toddler obliged by sleeping really soundly the nights he was away, so I actually had some of the best nights’ sleep I’ve had in ages.  But at the same time it was a bit lonely and a bit weird going to bed alone, nobody to say goodnight to and have a cuddle with before I went to sleep.

I did have a few mishaps without him…

Richmond Daddy has taken on the role of chief Ocado shopper, so it is thanks to him that we always have food in the house.  It may not always be the food I would shop for, but I can’t complain because frankly I don’t get around to sorting out the food shopping myself and if it was left to me, we’d probably starve.  So on Saturday morning, when I went to make pancakes, I was half way through when I realised we had no eggs.  Well, actually we had one egg, but it was out of date, so had to be thrown away.  Disaster.  Well, more a mild inconvenience.  But, what I did discover is actually you can make pancakes without eggs… who knew?!  And they tasted alright too, particularly when smeared with Nutella. Yum, yum, crisis averted.

The somewhat more serious mishap however was my complete and utter failure at setting the automatic cat feeder contraption when we went to stay overnight at my parents’ house.  I loaded it up with food for Pigalle, with cool-blocks from the freezer and everything, fiddled around with the timer – thinking I’d set it to feed him once in the morning and once again in the afternoon.  Fed him before we left that evening.  But when we returned the next day, poor Pigalle’s feeder remained unopened and he’d not had anything to eat at all.  I felt like the worst mummy ever!!  But after lots of food, some fresh ham, and lots and lots of cuddles, he seemed willing to forgive me (although I wouldn’t put it past him to have put a call in to the RSPCA just to be on the safe side – he may not have opposable thumbs, but I bet he could still dial for an emergency).  I still feel awful.  It would never have happened if Richmond Daddy were around.

Thankfully, before I managed to kill off any one of our family, he returned safe and sound back home yesterday and bearing gifts – bonus!  It turns out he didn’t lose the house or the car or the Toddler in card game, double bonus, and instead had a bit of dosh to buy me a gorgeous Marc Jacobs purse (much needed, as I’ve been using a travel wallet as a purse for about the past year and everything just falls out of it) and a cool “Vegas Baby” pink babygro/onesie and a “Girls Rock” – written in diamante, very Vegas! – tee shirt for Allegra, as well as this – my favourite gift – a Vegas Snow-globe.  Too cute!  I think the snow-globe could be the start of a collection…

Bringing home Vegas

Thank you for our gifts Richmond Daddy and thank you for not losing all our worldly goods in Sin City.  And thank you for coming home safe and sound, we missed you and we love you.  Now please don’t go away again any time soon.  That is all (well, not unless you teach me how to use the cat feeder anyway, am not sure Pigalle would forgive me a second time over).

5 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Lovely post! Funny how we miss them so much when they are not around, hey? Mine went to Vegas on his work stag due…2 weeks after our wedding…now, that is something that doesn’t happen that often, hey? work paid for it all, business class and all and I guess I couldn’t deny it to him…

  2. The Greek Godzilla was home alone last weekend while I swanned off to NYC and he did quite well all alone – saying that, he invited his sister and his 2 besties over for the weekend! He is on his annual cricket tour this weekend and I am in charge of the house and toddler. I am looking forward to eating the food I want, watching what I want on TV, having sole custody of the laptop and sleeping starfish in the bed xx

  3. Well done for suriving without him-it’s soo hard when you are used to those extra hands-at least you are now owed a girly holiday and pronto x

  4. I’m home a lot and my favorite thing probably to do is have friends over and go crazy =] Or I get things done I normally don’t get done with others around.

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