This is a picture of Richmond Toddler with her Nonno (my Dad, her grandad).  It is one of many adorable pictures of the two of them together.  She ADORES him.  He ADORES her. It is a mutual appreciation society, right there.

My dad comes with my mum every Monday afternoon to look after Richmond Toddler, she does a half day at nursery Monday mornings, then in the afternoon is home with my folks. My mum spends the afternoon running around like a blue-arsed fly, my Dad who cooks dinner for us but other than that largely watches my mum run around like a blue-arsed fly, is followed around the house by Richmond Toddler going “non-oh, non-oh”.  Seriously, he can barely leave the room to go the bathroom without her getting all needy.

When my mum and dad leave on a Monday evening, Allegra is often to be found watching them out of the window as they pull away: “non-oh, non-oh”.  Sometimes I hear her saying “non-oh, non-oh” and my dad is nowhere in the vicinity, he’s not even in the postcode, then I realise she’s just gazing adoringly at the picture of him and my mum, framed and sitting on the console table in the dining room.

It is pretty cute.

I don’t have that many memories of my own Nonno, he died many years ago when I was quite young.  I do remember that he had a wicked personality, smoked a lot, enjoyed a drink, and enjoyed a card game even more.  He was a good looking chap, he served in the Italian army during WW2, and later in life sadly suffered with ill health, eventually ending up having to have both of his legs amputated, but he never lost his sense of humour and while I don’t remember much about him, I do remember him fondly.  He taught me how to play Scopa (Italian cards).

I love the fact that Richmond Toddler is making her own memories with her “Non-oh” and with her Nonna, Granny, and Grandad.  We’re fortunate that she gets to see both sets of grandparents every week and as a result she adores all of them and her face lights up when she sees any of them, it is wonderful to see.  I know she brings all of them a lot of joy, but they in turn also fill her with love and laughter.  She is a very lucky girl.

I’m linking this post up to the fab Linky over at I Heart Snapping – pop on over there to check out the other entries in this week’s I Love My Snap.

9 thoughts on “Nonno

    • You’re on! (I better get practising though – it’s been years since I played!). My nonno was very cool, wish I’d been able to know him for longer, my nonna is still going strong in her mid 90s now – looking forward to seeing her in July. So very sad that your dad died before either you or Miss G had the chance to really know him, life can be cruel. Am sure he’s watching down on you smiling though xx

  1. I didn’t realise that you are Italian!
    That’s such a sweet post. I am lucky that my boys get to see their grandparents (both sets) every week too. It’s important to have a good relationship with grandparent as they have so much to show our children and they all get so much out of it and love of course.
    Awwww so sweet x

    • My Dad is Italian, but I was born and brought up here, my mum is English. All my family on my Dad’s side is Italian, but I’m very much “the English cousin” when I go to visit 🙂 Thx for your lovely comment, I agree, it’s so lucky if the little ones get to spend regular time with their grandparents, it’s a really special relationship xx

  2. What a gorgeous post-nothing more wonderful than seeing your children with their grandparents. That unconditional love is blissful x

  3. This is so so lovely! Zachy loves his Grandad too. He often asks to call him on the phone and when he sees him, no one else gets a look in! xx

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