On a break…

We’ve been on a break, my blog and I.  It didn’t start out as a planned thing, I last posted on 18th May and at the time hadn’t planned that it would be my last post for almost a month.  But as time wore on without me blogging anything, I decided I would make it official – in my mind at least – and take a break.  I even “allowed” myself the blog break deadline of 18th June, which would be an actual month-long blogging free period: because I’m a Virgo and I like neatness and I thought taking a break for around 24 days feels a bit messy vs taking a break for a clean month.  But in truth, I’ve been twitchy.  It’s been a daily source of irritation that as each day has gone by, I have for one reason or another been unable to sit down for any length of time to put fingers to keyboard.  There have been plenty of blog-posts that have formed in my mind, but annoyingly, the time then passed as did the moment that they were relevant and interesting and then it was another day gone.  Another day gone without blogging.  There has been a part of me that’s enjoyed the break, but overall I have missed my little corner of cyberspace and I’m back now and hoping to resume some semblance of normal service (in between all the other stuff that keeps me busy and often away from my iMac).

So what story would I like to share today? – well, how about the one that took place this morning, yes this torrential rain filled grey and gloomy Monday morning… a morning that you can’t believe is actually a morning in June…. I had pulled on my wellies and trussed myself up in an unattractive waterproof jacket. Allegra was tucked into her pushchair safely hidden from the rain by the rain hood and off we went to nursery – it’s about a 10 minute walk, so not too far, but made all the more challenging this morning by the fact that we had to try and avoid the tidal-waves of rainwater coming at us as each passing car drove through some sizeable puddles on the road.  Finally made it to nursery only to discover that Allegra had managed to kick off her brand new Clarks trainers en route and there she was just in her pink socks declaring “uh-oh” with a disarming smile on her face.

Standing there, dripping wet and soaked through despite the wellies and the rainmac, my heart sank.  Depositing her safely at nursery to enjoy her breakfast in the warm and dry, I then headed back out into the rain to re-trace our steps all the way home in the hope of finding the little pink trainers that she’d discarded along the journey.

I found one, soggy and sodden in the middle of the pavement about half way home and by the time I’d made it back to our front door, had still not located the other one.  I was mentally cursing at this point, given that we’d only bought the trainers yesterday and she’d worn them for about 2 hours to date!  Thankfully as I walked the route back to nursery with a pair of dry shoes for her to wear for the day, I then spotted the other rogue trainer, which somebody had kindly put on a nearby wall, so grabbing it I managed to reunite the pair – hooray!

I finally made it into work one hour late and rather soggy.

What a great way to start the week eh?

Cheeky chops…


10 thoughts on “On a break…

  1. We lost one of Ollie’s once on Sheen Road. Bumped into Amy and her sister who were able to tell me it’s on the window sill at the chemists!

    • Haha classic! I found Allegra’s shoes at two different locations along the sheen road – was just glad to have got them back, seeing as how we’d only just bought them! X

  2. Welcome back from your blogging break. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and e not some real life things x

    • Thank u! I have enjoyed the relative freedom of not blogging for a bit but I wish I could make the time to be a more avid and committed blogger. Just can be a struggle to fit everything in! X

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