Friday, you may remember, was a drizzly awful damp and dreadful day.  Convinced that Richmond Toddler and I would likely come to blows if we spent it holed-up indoors together (there’s only so much time Peppa Pig can keep her fully occupied…), I decided that I would take her on a mummy and daughter outing and we headed out in the rain to the London Aquarium.

Of course, as is standard for me, I didn’t plan ahead and sensibly buy our tickets online before rocking up at the door and finding myself surprised at the long queue snaking up and down outside the (it would seem) rather popular attraction.  Oh yes, and it was half-term, something else that I had forgotten… #fail

Still, undeterred, and thankful that Allegra had fallen asleep on the way to Richmond station and snoozed all the way to Waterloo and was still sleeping peacefully as I joined the “60 minutes from this point” queue, I battled the elements and steadfastly stood in the queue until I finally got in and shook off the rain from my unattractive mac (which, by the way, might be a bit on the ugly side but sure has served me well these last few days/weeks).  In fact, Allegra was snoozing so unbelievably soundly that I actually had to wake her up to begin our afternoon of fun once we’d got in otherwise she’d have missed the whole thing!

It was incredibly busy – that’ll be the fact that it’s half-term I guess #annoying – but despite that, we did have a lovely mummy and Allegra afternoon.  She didn’t seem overly taken with the various species of fish, all swimming about in their variety of tanks.  In fact, quite often, as I held her up to let her peer in at them she would just say “no” and then grab me around the neck really tightly and look the other way.  Hmmm… not the reaction I was hoping for, given that really all there is to see in an aquarium is fish… I was wondering if perhaps this was not the place for her…

During our visit she did warm up to them a bit, but without a doubt her favourite moments of the trip where in fact non-fish related.  Go figure!  She loved watching the turtles, especially seeing them swimming about underwater – that elicited a few “oooo-wow!”‘s from her (my favourite of her little sayings right now!)….

And likewise the penguins provoked a similar reaction (only I couldn’t film that because I was wedged between numerous annoying tourists with big rucksacks and even bigger hoards of annoying primary school aged children on half-bloody-term… tsk!).  She absolutely LOVED watching them diving underwater and swimming about in what can only be described as frankly quite a manic display of dive-bombing.

We ended our visit with a quick trip to the gift shop (often one of my favourite parts of any outing… gotta love a gift shop!) where I treated Allegra to a little plastic Nemo-style clown fish, who flashes different colours.  Genius.  And a mere £2.99.  Bargainous.  Not sure she’s as enthralled by it as I am, but hey ho, she can’t form a sentence yet, so was unable to really protest when I suggested it….

The London Aquarium.  Done.

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