Visiting Great Granny Walsh

We took a short trip over to Ireland at the weekend, flew out Saturday morning and flew back Sunday evening, just one night away, to visit a very special relative: Great Granny Walsh.

The last time we visited Great Granny Walsh with Allegra in tow was in December, so it was before she was walking and before she’d started saying anything resembling a word, so it was exciting to be bringing her this time around so Granny could see how much of her own little person and personality she’d become.

We had a lovely couple of days and were very lucky to have sunny weather, most unusual!  So we enjoyed…

In fact we enjoyed more than just posing by Blessington Lake, which was really stunning and so peaceful… Allegra enjoyed checking out the small collection of farmyard animals there – although was a bit freaked out by the squealing pigs!

And on day two…

Looking forward to the next time, Great Granny Walsh.

love you xxx

11 thoughts on “Visiting Great Granny Walsh

  1. Oh B! This has made me all teary! What gorgeous pics of them both. I love the one of them chatting – I can hear your Granny’s voice right now x

  2. Wonderful pics. I miss my 95 year old Grandma in Cyprus so much and took O to meet her when he was 6 months. My other beloved Grandma never got to meet him. Moments to cherish. Thanks for sharing x

    • It’s hard isn’t it, when you don’t live in the same country as them – the visits aren’t as frequent as you like and when you say goodbye you’re never sure if it’ll be the last time 😦 moments to cherish when you have them, that’s for sure. We’re seeing my 94 year old Italian grandmother in a few weeks too – looking forward to it 🙂 xxx

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