Off Putting

There are things that I’m putting off at the moment, for no particular reason, well in some cases there are reasons, but in most cases it’s down simply to a feeling of “yep, will do that another time” (aka i can’t be bothered) and then basically something else always gets in the way. As a result I have a mental “need to do” list that is getting longer by the day and I’m constantly berating myself for “not getting around to it”.

I like to make out that it’s due to a lack of time, particularly time alone, but in truth, some of these “to do’s” (is that how you spell it?!) would probably not take more than half an hour, I just need to get my arse in gear and pick these things off one by one!

So, in the interests of the above, I’m going to list them in the hope that motivates me to get cracking:

1. Get eyebrows threaded – seriously, I am looking like Douglas Hurd more and more with each passing day, not good (but I’ve put it off because it hurts – admittedly only for about 10 minutes – and I’m feeling a bit wimpy)

2. Get pre-holiday waxing booked in and done – more hair related tasks, tedious and painful but necessary

3. Get fringe trimmed (there’s definitely a theme emerging here…) – there is a battle raging on my face between my fringe and my eyebrows, I need to wrestle back control… And don’t even get me started on my upper lip (not painting a good picture here am I?)

4. Sort out cat sitter for when we’re on hols – probably not fair to leave Pigalle to fend and forage for himself for 2 weeks, I must sort that out

5. Print off recent photos of Allegra and send them to Granny in Ireland and also have ready to bring to Italy to give to Nonna – been meaning to do that for aaaages!

6. Buy some new shoes – I used to be such a shoe fiend, but honestly I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in such a long time and I’m getting sick of wearing ballet pumps on a daily basis – truth be told, they’re probably not really appropriate everyday work attire…

7. Buy/sort out what dress to wear to wedding this weekend – it’s on Saturday, in Wales, I have totally not planned what I’m wearing and between now and then I’m either at work or at BritMums Live… I’ll be going in my dressing gown at this rate (not really VR, don’t panic, I won’t ruin the photos – not on purpose anyway)

8. Sort out the assorted crap on top of the chest of drawers in my bedroom – this vision of crap just disturbs me on a daily basis and yet I don’t make the time to tidy it up, it would probably take 20 minutes tops, 1 minute if I just scooped it all into the bin… the best kind of tidying, no?

9. Get a pedicure – so needed but soooo boring (and ticklish!), who has time to worry about feet when they have a busy job, active toddler, overflowing laundry basket, and the need to sleep once in a while? – still, when all is said and done, if I’m not near any of those viable excuses when someone clocks my tootsies, they will make no allowances, they’ll just see me as a person with uncared for feet (and that combined with the aforementioned eyebrows, need for body waxing, and fringe issues… well, frankly it’s a wonder I have any friends left…)

10. Stop procrastinating and start doing!

Wish me luck!

Do you always put stuff off for no good reason or are you great at getting stuff done? – how do you motivate yourself to just do it?!

14 thoughts on “Off Putting

  1. I ALWAYS put things off, then have a mad spree trying to do everything at once. This has only become worse since having a baby. I’ve had haircut and eye test on my to-do list for about 5 months.

    • Glad it’s not just me then! am trying to make a concerted effort to just get on and do things. Since writing this list I have managed to organise cat sitter and get a dress for the wedding I’m going to tomorrow. Just all the other stuff that still remains… argh! x

  2. Am sure I still have stuff to do since pre-Daniel!
    Put the shoe and dress shopping to the top of the list – online shopping!

    • I know, it’s crazy how long you can put off stuff! I have at least done one thing today though and sorted the cat sitter for when we’re on hols! Yes, should move shopping to higher up the list, you’re right 🙂 x

  3. I booked an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed – tomorrow! – having put it off since I was six months pregnant. I am SO bloody excited about it.

    Looking forward to seeing you at BritMums! x

  4. Look forward to seeing you at BritMums – I highly recommend the pedicure – great reasons to sit on your backside for an hour or so and natter/read a magazine/meditate as per your preference 🙂 Understand it may not be so relaxing if your feet are ticklish though…Get your hatred of the clutter on the top of the drawers. Come and swipe at mine too if you fancy – dust trap or what *coughs and splutters*

  5. Don’t put off pampering sweetie-you deserve it. Maybe meet with a friend and get holiday ready together. Plus change your threader. I thread my eyebrows and it’s all in the threader.

  6. my to-do list is always enormous, if
    a). i remember to actually write one
    b) remember to look at it!!
    you look lovely when i met you, so i dontt know if you had had your fringe cut by then??! i hope you get your list completed…..then you can start another i am sure xx

  7. Good luck! I know the feeling – my list is massive. Would be tempted to pay someone to sort out and print my photos. And as for my eyebrows…the less said the better x

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