Because of Peppa…

I always thought I wouldn’t be one of “those” parents who plonked their child in front of the TV and while, of course, I don’t judge (well, not much…), I thought – pre baby – I’ll never do that… and in truth, I don’t generally… But, as Allegra has got a little older and a lot more active, sometimes, well sometimes, there’s nothing for it but a little Peppa…

Because of Peppa…

  1. I can have a shower and get ready for work in the morning
  2. We had an easy and stress(ish)-free plane journey to/from Italy on holiday recently
  3. We were able to eat dinner at the restaurant in our hotel on holiday every evening in relative peace and without disturbing the other diners (hooray for the iPad!)
  4. I can occasionally go to the toilet alone in my own house
  5. I can write this blog post…

So, thank you Peppa!

We’re hoping to go to Peppa Pig World next Friday for full immersion in Peppa – watch this space, there’ll no doubt be a full report!

captivated by Peppa

watching Peppa while mummy has a shower

13 thoughts on “Because of Peppa…

  1. Also in the highly commended category for “helpful services to mummies needing showers” are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Playschool.
    Forever grateful to them!

  2. Couldn’t agree more – she’s a lifesaver! The only disappointment is that it’s on Channel 5 so we’ve had to download various series to avoid the ads. Her obsession with muddy puddles isn’t helpful either – my boy is now inclined to jump into every pool of eater he sees, wellies or not!

  3. I was exactly the same pre baby and to be fair with Burton TV was limited and didnt make an appearance unit he was about 8 months old and even then it was just In The Night Garden. As you say, it does help like making meals, drinking a warmish cuppa etc…
    i really want to take B to Peppa Pig World too x

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