Our Summer Holiday: Part 1.

With two glorious weeks booked off work, Richmond Daddy, Toddler, and I embarked on our summer holidays.  It already seems like a lifetime ago, despite us only being back two weeks – life post holiday has already taken on a characteristically hectic guise, hence the total lack of blogging these past few weeks.  I feel ready for a holiday again already!  But in the absence of that in the immediate future, I shall just re-live the holiday(s) just past…

Part one: 3-nights at Centre Parcs in Longleat.

I’d never been to Centre Parcs before, never even really thought about going, but now – with a little one in tow – Richmond Daddy suggested it and we thought, let’s give it a go. And I’m pleased to report, we had a great time and would definitely go back!  Sure, it was no Babington House (ahem, in fairness, I was managing my expectations before arriving that it would be no Babington), but it really did give us a lovely family friendly holiday in beautiful surroundings and Allegra had a whale of a time!

We had a lovely little cabin set in the woods and one of the best things about it was that it had a large french window that Allegra could peer out of and see which forest creature had come to visit.  She saw squirrels and little bunny rabbits all up close busying past the door and on one special day, we even had a Mummy Duck and her little baby ducks pop by to see if we had some bread, which was very special…

We enjoyed lots of trips to the pool, had a hilarious time trying to stay together and afloat whizzing around the (child-friendly) rapids, had fun zooming down the water slides – Allegra went down with Daddy and giggled for most of the way down 🙂 – and even saw BritMums Live speaker Katy Hill and her family enjoying a splash-about too (but resisted the temptation to swim over and say hi… didn’t seem like the appropriate thing to do to someone on holiday, especially when you’re both in swimwear.

We also enjoyed strolls through the forest, a magic show with children’s entertainer Nutty Noah, who was – I must admit – really really very good and kept both the adults and the children laughing for a good hour or so, no mean feat!

I enjoyed a mani and pedi in the calm and tranquil surroundings of the on-site spa.  Even Richmond Daddy got in on the treatments, with a massage.  We took Allegra to an arts and crafts session, where she had the chance to get messy with some paints, and to a soft play session, where she enjoyed “driving” in a little toy car and bouncing up and down on a mini-trampoline.  We even met Rupert the Bear, who happened to be strolling through the forest one day…

And on our very last day, we visited Longleat Safari Park, which is conveniently right next door to Centre Parcs and provided a great day out despite the rainy, rainy, rain that came down in bucket-loads that day.  Still, despite the damp and drizzle, the Safari kept us entertained and Allegra enjoyed peering out at the lions, and tigers, and bears monkeys – oh my!  In particular, she enjoyed getting up-close-and-personal with the chinchillas (one of whom, ran up my leg, which was – quite frankly – terrifying! thankfully I had jeans on at the time, but still, it was freaky, although Richmond Daddy and Allegra seemed to find it hilarious for some reason… can’t think why) and the meerkats.  We rounded off the day with a visit to Postman Pat’s world at Longleat, where Allegra was very pleased to meet Pat himself…

A great start to our family holiday, we’d had 3-fun filled days and the holiday was only just beginning….

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