A trip to Peppa Pig World

I wrote recently about how Allegra has really got into Peppa Pig in a big way lately, well last Friday we took her for a special treat day out to the infamous Peppa Pig World

We set off quite early in the morning, so arrived just after opening time, which was just as well as it was already quite busy when we got there. As we approached the entry to Peppa’s World and Allegra caught sight of Grandpa Pig, she looked wide-eyed and exclaimed “ooooh-wow!”, which was so cute and we hurried through the gate.

The sun shone all day for us, which was brilliant (if a little hot and sweaty at times), I just wish I’d realised that if I’d have brought Allegra’s swimming costume and a towel, she could have had a run-around in the Muddy Puddles area where there are water fountains and splishy-splashy puddles a-plenty that she could have had some fun in and cooled off. Next time. Still, we had plenty to keep us entertained aside from the Muddy Puddles, and so started out our day with a go on Peppa’s Big Balloon ride, followed by a visit to Peppa’s house – which Allegra got very excited about – and then a stroll around the park taking in the very sweet little Duck Pond, which had even attracted a real duck…

After a spot of lunch (next time, I think I’d bring a picnic as the food on offer wasn’t great and was fairly pricey I thought, for what it was), we went to meet Peppa and George, who made an appearance on a little stage (with fencing, to keep out the stampede of children – wise!) and bopped about to some music while waving at the little ones. Allegra was keen to observe from a distance but was not in favour of getting close enough to shake hands or give either of them a kiss. The same could be said for when we spotted Suzy Sheep and Zoe Zebra who also periodically popped up through the day.

After that, Allegra had a little afternoon nap in her buggy and Richmond Daddy and I took the opportunity to have an ice-cream and a stroll around Paulton’s Park, which has some beautiful gardens and some weird and wonderful creatures for you to take a look at – particularly enjoyed seeing the rather large pelicans, who can store 8 litres of water in their beaks!

Once Allegra had woken from her nap, we visited The School House and had our photo taken with Madame Gazelle, Suzy Sheep, Peppa, and George. It was a bit of a struggle to get Allegra to smile in the photo, so we didn’t entirely end up with one for the mantlepiece – still, every time she looks at it now, she says “oh wow!”, so I’m glad we got it all the same. It seems to blow her mind that Mummy, Daddy, and her are in a picture with her favourite cartoon characters…

The rest of the day was spent enjoying Daddy Pig’s Car Ride – Allegra, taking the wheel quite happily and “driving” around – and Grandpa Pig’s Little Train, “choo-choo”. We set sail on Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip, had fun on the slides and climbing frames at Mr Potato’s Playground, and rounded off the day with a visit to Windy Castle, a ride that took us high up into the sky in a little cloud pod (although Allegra was hot and tired by this point and so kinda ready to go home – photos from this part of the day verify this!)

Of course no day trip of this kind would be complete without a trip to the gift shop and so we visited Peppa’s Toy Shop and picked up two limited edition Peppa prints, which we’ll hang in Allegra’s room or in her playroom, a Peppa storybook, a little Peppa rucksack – which she can use as her day bag for nursery – and a soft toy George, complete with dinosaur, which has become one of her favourite toys overnight: “georwg, georwg” she says, with a slight lisp, too cute!

A fun family day out and I’m sure we’ll go back again, not least because we didn’t even get around all the rides and of course there’s the Muddy Puddles bit to explore too: note to self, next time pack swimwear and towel, especially of sunshine is likely to make an appearance.

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