Corners of My Home

One of my absolute favourite bloggers, the very lovely, stylish, and no doubt fragrant Alice from More Than Toast has recently written a couple of posts on corners of her home – which for a nosey parker like me have been extremely enjoyable reading/viewing.  Basically she showcases littles aspects and snapshots of her lovely family home and at the same time, gives you a little window into her life.  Love it.

In fact, I loved it so much, it inspired me to replicate the idea over here on my own blog (well, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so hopefully she won’t mind too much as I copy her idea!).  So, here for your nosey-parker pleasures, are some corners of my home….

Actually, before I dive in with the photos, a little background first… Richmond Daddy and I bought our house back in 2007, a Victorian villa style 3-bed semi, on a quiet(ish) little road in Richmond.  The previous owner had been here 14 years and not done all that much to it in recent years, so it was in need of a little updating and TLC, but we could see the potential.  In fact, despite the fact that it sits smack bang right next to the railway (and yes the bed does shake a little if a particularly speedy freight train zooms past around midnight!), we loved it on sight and put an offer in on the same day – having not even viewed any other properties!

Five years on and we’ve ripped out and re-done the upstairs bathroom, downstairs loo, and kitchen.  The windows have all been replaced (double-glazing helps with the train noise!) and the floorboards have been re-laid downstairs, new carpet laid upstairs. There’s been much plastering and painting and finishing touches, but now we’re finally in a place where it’s more or less done.  More or less (there are always new things you find to do right?!).  So, allow me now to share a few corners of my home:

Living room sideboard/photo gallery

We bought this cabinet in a junk/antique/furniture restorer place in Kingston-Upon-Thames and apparently it is French.  I liked it’s unusual design and it’s distressed look and it now sits in our living room and provides a nice mini gallery space for a set of photos that make me smile.  Hanging above the cabinet are four etchings of French kings that we picked up a the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair in Battersea a few years ago.

On the bookshelf

I love this vase, which is by one of my favourite artists/designers/paper cutters – Rob Ryan.    I have tried to have a book cull, but we still seem to have more than we have space for.  Still, I think books make a house look homely, so I’ll be hanging on to these ones at least.

Tick tock, it’s almost time for tea

After much searching for the perfect railway style clock, we found this one while on holiday a few years ago in Ile de Noirmoutier, France.  It hangs on the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and always attracts attention.

Allegra’s room is the smallest in the house, but it doesn’t mean she can’t cram it with all manner of soft toys and cuddly things. This chair sits beside her cot and is a resting place for big Ted (given by Granny & Grandad).  The blanket I bought from one of my favourite interiors shops in Richmond, Maison, and the gorgeous personalised cushion was a gift from a very dear friend and her little boy, who is one of Allegra’s NCT birth buddies.

Organised clutter

This dresser, another (but slightly larger!) purchase from Maison in Richmond, has pride of place in the dining room.  It is home to a clutter of Emma Bridgewater plates, cups, and saucers, along with assorted mixing bowls, cake stands, vases, and various other odds ‘n’ sods.  Including of course the odd bottle of Pimm’s and white port (Richmond Daddy’s favourite!).

To be lucky enough to have a beautiful home filled with very special things, makes me very conscious of preserving as much of it as possible and safe-guarding for the future, which is why home insurance is so important.  If the worst was to happen, I might not be able to replace some of the more sentimental items, but at least it would ensure we were covered to build up a collection of new special things to fill our home.

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4 thoughts on “Corners of My Home

  1. Hello! You may not remember me, but we met at Brit Mums (you were with Grenglish) – we talked all things True Blood and Twilight (am I allowed to put that in your comment box :o) ) Anyway, this is a great idea for a post – I am such a nosy so and so when it comes to others houses, and I have to say your home looks gorgeous – the distressed table with the photos, the dresser (I love Emma Bridgewater) and that clock! Love it!

    • Hello! Yes of course I do indeed remember meeting you – thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment (gotta love a bit of Emma B eh?). Ooh and I think a new series of True Blood may be on the horizon on FX… #canhardlywait! Hope you’re well? X

  2. What a lovely home! We’ve got the same Emma Bridgewater tea set and I love it – very English. I guess you’ll be making some room for your impending arrival at some point x

    • Thank you! Ah yes Emma B – love it! Makes me feel happy just looking at it let alone drinking my tea from it ha ha #simplepleasures Yes we’ll need to start thinking about moving Allegra into her big girl’s room to free up the nursery for the baby but will probably think about that during the Christmas break as baby not due until 25th Jan so have a bit of time yet. Will be great fun getting to decorate Allegra’s room -looking forward to that. Hope all good with you xxx

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