A Sunny September Sunday

Today was a sunny September Sunday and we enjoyed a lovely family day out at Bocketts Farm Park – it’s not somewhere we’d ever been before, but had been recommended to go by a friend and so we took advantage of the crisp, autumnal day, and jumped in the car this morning and made the short trip out to the beautiful Surrey countryside.

Bocketts Farm Park is a working family farm and I was so impressed by the place that we will definitely be sure to go back time and time again. It’s not unreasonably priced and under 2s get in for free, so that was a bonus; we’ll have to be sure to go back lots between now and February!

We started our day by watching the goat milking. Allegra was a little unsure about getting too close to the goat, but happy enough to watch from a distance. After that, we took a stroll around the small animal village, ‘Little Hoppington’, which was very sweet and Allegra enjoyed peering in at the rabbits (or “wabbits” as she calls them!), guinea pigs, mice (surprisingly stinky!), and chinchillas (I for one was glad the chinchillas were in a cage after last time, at Longleat Safari Park). Again, she wasn’t so keen to get close to the little furry friends during the animal handling session, preferring again to observe rather than touch and feel, but she enjoyed it all the same.


There’s a fantastic outdoor play area at Bocketts Farm, so once we’d had our fill of cuteness in the small animal village, we headed back out to the fresh air and Allegra enjoyed having a run around outside. She of course made a bee-line for the slides (always a favourite) and then also tried to have a go at the rather inviting “Jumping Pillow” – which is basically like a bouncy castle without the castle surround bit, but is filled with air and great for jumping up and down on. She was a bit little to enjoy it to the max, but she had a little try nonetheless.

After that, we strolled around the grassy field and took a look at the different paddocks with ponies and piggies and llamas, there were also lots of ducks and geese – always a favourite with Miss Allegra – and even some peacocks!

As Bockett Farm is a working farm, they always have baby animals there and we were lucky enough to see some very cute baby goats, lambs, piglets, and even some baby alpacas! Despite the cuteness of these little ones, Allegra seemed a little freaked by them and again kept her distance, but she was happy enough to sit on our laps and take a look from the safety of the benches that ran through the middle of the barn.

There is a huge soft play area at Bockett Farm, which is fantastic, and Allegra took full advantage of that – highlights were bouncing up and down on the trampoline with mummy (probably not advisable at 23 weeks pregnant, but I gave it a good go!) and whooshing down the very big slide on a hessian sack with Daddy (that looked like great fun!).


The absolute highlight of the visit however has got to have been the pig race! Yes… PIG RACE!! Apparently Bocketts Farm is famous for it… who knew?! There were five little piggies in today’s race, Allegra and Richmond Daddy were backing ‘Lester Piglet’, while I opted for ‘Grease Lightening’ (it seemed appropriate given my long established love of John Travolta) and before we knew it, they were off… romping around the course, with ‘Grease Lightening’ storming to victory by a country mile! Wahoo!! If only I’d put an actual bet on, could have been quite a lucrative day… next time!

Jump on your tractor and motor on down to Bocketts Farm Park

Bocketts Farm Park

Young Street



Surrey, KT22 9BS

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