This day last year…

This day last year, the 1st October 2011, sticks in my mind because it was bizarrely and uncharacteristically hot and sunny for a Sunday in October.  Autumn still seemed like a long way off despite what the calendar was telling us and summer – almost for one odd day only – seemed to really kick in with gusto.

This day last year, the 1st October 2011, Richmond Baby was around 7.5 months old, a cute and cuddly bubba who was just exploring “real food” and just learning to stand up (aided).  I was still on maternity leave and loving every minute of being away from the confines of work and able to concentrate on being a full time mum with the luxury of devoting 100% of my energies on my precious little girl.

1st October 2011

This day last year, the 1st October 2011, we drove out to West Wittering in Sussex, to enjoy an English seaside day-at-the-beach, basking in the 29.9C temperatures: the highest in October since records began!

This day last year, the 1st October, we sat on the sand and ate strawberries – it was the very first time Allegra had experienced a strawberry 🙂 – and snoozed as the sea breeze ruffled our hair. We paddled in the cool sea water and we looked on with envy at the families who looked straight out of The White Company catalogue as they laughed and ran in and out of their ice-cream coloured beach huts.  I really really wanted one of those huts that day!

A year ago today

This day last year, the 1st October 2011, somewhat contrasts with this day this year, 1st October 2012.  Not to say that this day was a bad one, just very different to 365 days ago. This day this year… I woke up to a drizzly morning, a chill and a damp in the air, with a cool distinctly autumnal chill.  I dragged myself out of bed after a night of disrupted sleep, forced myself into a hot shower to try and wake myself up, given that I had to get myself out the house and off on the 45 minute commute up to London to get to work.  I got a 19 month old chattering, dancing, entertaining, Night Garden loving, Richmond Baby Toddler off to nursery, wrapped up warm in her duffle coat and with a blanket keeping her snug in the buggy en route, and I spent a busy day in the office, leaving at around 7pm to travel home in the near dark to very luckily find dinner awaiting me courtesy of my parents who – as is the case every Monday – look after Allegra in the afternoons at our house and then have our dinner waiting for us when we get home from work (I know, I know, VERY LUCKY!).

I’m not saying that this day this year is worse than this day last year – but clearly, a sunny day at the beach does beat a drizzly day in the office in pretty much anyone’s book – just that the 1st October 2011 particularly sticks in my mind as a happy sunshiny day and it did strike me what a contrast this day, one year on, has been.  Both in the good and the not so.  What a difference a year makes.

1st October 2012

5 thoughts on “This day last year…

  1. I had the same train of thought last night, a year ago we spent the day with some of my family on the beach at Shoreham on Sea. It was so unbelievably hot and Francesca ate her first proper ice cream cone! Such a huge contrast to the drizzly day yesterday!

    Lovely pictures xxxx

  2. I LOVED the weather last October. Arlo’s birthday party was around 25 degrees! Definitely a more autumnal feel to this October. I’d be happy for it to be summer all year long.

  3. wow what a difference a year makes indeed! Allegra has changed so much and is a proper little girl now ! sooo adorable and beautiful too. i cannot remember the start of October being that nice last year, such a contrast to this year! x

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