Feeling Festive – Melted Snowman Biscuits

Only one sleep to go ’till the big day, yay! I for one am not sure I could withstand another trip to the shops for last minute Christmas presents (am sure I have them all now…) nor another evening spent wrapping (surely the most tedious of Christmas traditions, no?!), so it’s time to focus on putting our feet up and feeling properly festive.  And what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with a festive biscuit (or six)? – this week I was inspired by these gorgeous Melted Snowman Biscuits that one of my favourite bloggers, Mummy Daddy & Me Makes Three recently showcased on her blog.

I thought they looked fantastic and made a batch this week to take to a Christmas party we went to at a neighbour’s house.  All twenty biscuits were swiped and chomped through before the night was out, in fact I didn’t even get to try one – which means I’ll HAVE to make another batch of course 🙂 – and Allegra was particularly taken with the “no-man biscuits”, so I think they’ll be in demand in our house for a little while.

They’re pretty easy to do, I found the hardest part getting the consistency of the icing sugar just right but other than that, it’s all straight-forward stuff and the final effect is great:


The Essentials

1x pack of Marshmallows – you want white ones ideally

200g Icing Sugar – I think I probably ended up using lots more, to get the consistency right, but then threw away a fair bit… a learning for next time around!

Writing Icing – various colours (buy them in packs from the supermarket baking aisle)

Biscuits – we used digestives, you could experiment with others, or even make your own!

simple but delicious


Make up your icing sugar by mixing with water – you want to get the consistency just right, so not too runny and not too thick.  Top tip: sieve the icing sugar to avoid it looking lumpy (I didn’t do this but will next time around).

iced iced baby

iced iced baby

Spread the icing sugar on each biscuit – less is more, so you’re better off putting a small teaspoon on and letting it spread.  If you overload them then it all becomes a bit of a mess!

The icing sugar needs to set on the biscuits before you decorate them with the writing icing.  In the meantime, set to work decorating your “snowman heads” – aka the white marshmallows!  Again, less is more, don’t overload with icing or it can run and become a bit of a melted face (which is not really the look you’re aiming for!).  As I decorated each head, I then placed on a biscuit so that the icing would set under/around it and thereby keep it in place.

marshmallows + icing writing = snowman heads

marshmallows + icing writing = snowman heads

Once the icing on the biscuits is set, you can grab your icing writing pens once again and get to work to create the bodies:  don’t forget to include little stick arms and the ubiquitous snowman buttons!

Leave to set then serve and enjoy!

a set of melted frosty snowmen!

a set of melted frosty snowmen!

I’m already thinking of what variations on this theme I could create, it’s such a fab idea.

Merry Christmas!

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