Christmas 2012

Ho, ho, ho, hope you had a very merry Christmas and are suitably (almost) recovered from the excesses of the last week.  Being 36 weeks pregnant (today in fact!), I sadly wasn’t able to indulge in my standard Christmas Prosecco – Vino – Baileys combo (when I say combo, I don’t mean served all together of course, that would be weird… although maybe I shouldn’t knock it until I try it…) but I did make up for it in the food department and ensured I stuffed myself to the max – gotta be done eh?

We had a lovely Christmas, seeing friends and family, and Richmond Toddler really got into the whole festivities of the season – particularly present giving and receiving, which she embraced in a BIG way!

Our Christmas properly kicked off on the 22nd Dec, with a party at a neighbour’s house in Richmond.  It was kids fancy dress and Richmond Toddler went suitably attired in a Christmas fairy style costume: aka a dress from Gap and a little fabric tiara and wand that I’d picked up at H&M (there’s a new store in Richmond, yay!).

Christmas Fairy Princess

Christmas Fairy Princess

There were also wings but she refused point blank to wear those, so she was a wing-less fairy…  Oh, of course her special Cinderella shoes – that Nonna bought her at the Harrods Cinderella Slipper Salon a few weeks ago – must get a special mention as they completed the look along with a matching handbag that I also picked up in H&M.  She looked a sparkly treat 🙂

There were party games a plenty and Richmond Toddler had her first taste of playing pass-the-parcel and musical statues, she had great fun!

A couple of days later and we were at another party, this time on Christmas Eve, and Richmond Toddler had the chance to play with some of our neighbours’ little ones, while we chomped on some delicious festive food – including sweet potato and marshmallow mash, made by our American host.  It shouldn’t work, but it SO does!  Yummy 🙂

After the party, Allegra walked home in great spirits, dressed in her little Santa hat – she was a sight to behold! When we got home, we let her open one of her presents before she went to bed.  It was a pressie from one of Richmond Daddy’s cousins’ children, Daniel, and she ripped the paper open excitedly to reveal… a teddy! wearing a little white t-shirt that said Allegra on it.  She was SO EXCITED! She shouted WOW and then gave the teddy a big hug and a kiss and took him up to bed with her, it was so cute.

The first Christmas present

The first Christmas present

Christmas morning and Richmond Toddler treated us to a bit of a lie in (no doubt because after the Christmas Eve party she’d gone to bed rather late), so we didn’t get up until around 8am which was lovely.  First things first of course, it was time to see what Father Christmas had left in Allegra’s stocking – this was greeted with MUCH EXCITEMENT (despite the overriding fear of Father Christmas that our little girl seems to hav

santa presentsSanta had treated her to a Peppa Pig pyjama case; a Mr Men Night Before Christmas book; a froggy shaped mirror to play with in the bath; and an assortment of craft items like paint pads, foam shapes, googly-eyes and tissue paper etc. (the latter she was a bit bemused by, but Mummy had put a special request in for as is planning on lots of craft activities to keep the two of them busy in 2013).

Then it was downstairs for breakfast and opening presents under our tree – highlights included a Peppa Pig guitar (which she now strums along to the Bing Bong Song with) and a Recorder, along with numerous books, lego games, and assorted other toys, DVDs, and treats: one lucky girl!  music presentsA quick jump in the bath and getting dressed followed and then it was on to Nonna and Nonno’s house to see them and Aunty Chrissy for MORE presents.  Richmond Toddler was so excited about the whole thing that she only slept 20 minutes in the car on the way there and then didn’t sleep again the whole day!

at nonno and nonnas

She got… a Trunki from Aunty Chrissy (very happy with that, will be great for going on holiday); a hobby-horse that makes horsey sounds from Nonno and Nonna; and a fab Minnie Mouse ride-on car with lots and lots of sound effects from Nonno and Nonna, which she has been scooting around the house on ever since – she totally loves it!  This is just a small snapshot of the presents, because as you can imagine Allegra was totally spoilt rotten with books, DVDs, and other goodies to make a toddler’s heart sing!

All of us then went on to my Uncle Pat and Aunty Lou’s house for our Christmas lunch – there were 15 of us, including Allegra, so it was a big crowd, but it was lovely to share Christmas with such a big group and to get together as a family.  Special name checks go out to my cousins Claire and Jo – especially lovely to spend the day with them, they’re both gorgeous and such fun, and brilliant at keeping Allegra entertained… as was Claire’s daughter Charlotte, who Allegra took a big shine too!

Christmas at the Walshes

We had a fantastic day and a BIG PAT ON THE BACK to hosts Uncle Pat and Aunty Lou who did an amazing job keeping us stuffed full of food and well watered.  It was a really fun day that everyone enjoyed.

On Boxing Day, we did it all over again but this time with Richmond Daddy’s family and once more, Allegra was full of excitement and thoroughly spoilt by her Granny and Grandad and Aunty Susan:

Christmas at Cox's

Amongst the mountain of presents, Allegra received a very posh Silver Cross pushchair for her to ferry her dollies around in – this was a BIG hit!  Then there was a musical dolly from Aunty Carol that plays “All kinds of everything, remind me of you” – which was also quickly a firm favourite and was played approximately 953 times over the course of the day… There were Peppa items a plenty (including a rather fetching dressing gown), books, a washing-up set for her toy kitchen, bath toys, and puzzles… the list goes on and on.  And not forgetting of course the BIG fancy Noah’s Ark that Granny & Grandad searched high and low for, which is stunning and complete with two-by-two of every animal you can possibly think of!

It’s hard to do justice to the last few days by summarising them here, but suffice as to say, our last Christmas as a family of three was a very happy one and that’s in no small part to our wonderful families on both sides who treated us to delicious food and spoilt us with lots of love, not to mention presents!

Hope you all had a very happy Christmas too, with lots of love from Richmond Mummy, Daddy, & Toddler – my little Christmas angel…

christmas angel

One thought on “Christmas 2012

  1. she looks so beautiful in that final photo like a little angel 🙂
    wow your christmas looks and sounds incredible and your little girl received some wonderful gifts. its so special celebrating christmas with family, even more so that i have children of my own.
    thanks for sharing your festivities with us i enjoyed reading it very much and heres wishing you a very happy 2013 x x

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