Review: Nurture Box

Nurture Box: Winter Warmers

About a month ago, I was invited by the founders of Nurture Box – new parents Alice & Eddie – to put their new monthly subscription box service to the test.  What with finishing up at work to go on maternity leave and then Christmas hitting, I am a bit behind with posting this review, but it has at least meant I have had ample chance to sample the products that were sent to me courtesy of the complimentary ‘Winter Warmers’ box I received back in early December.

Nurture Box offers ‘care parcels for parents’ – it’s a brilliant idea that was inspired by Alice & Eddie’s first child, born last September, which offers a monthly subscription box aimed at parents with children aged 0-3 years.  They send out a box once a month with 4-5 products, one of which is for the parents, tailored to the child’s age and include a mixture of practical, fun, and developmental items and where possible, they aim to source natural, organic, and eco-friendly products too.

The basic idea is that Nurture Box helps parents discover some of the best products and brands for their children and to ensure that everything they send out is of the highest quality and in keeping with their ethos, they stringently test and vet all the products that go into the box via their parent selection panel.

My sample Nurture Box arrived one Friday in December when I was home with Allegra and the two of us were very excited to open it up and see what was inside – particularly Allegra, who ripped it open and took out all the contents immediately!  As you can see from the picture (above), there was a lovely mixture of 5 different products, all with a nod towards helping the family negotiate the colder months with some fun and practical goodies.

Our favourite item was undoubtedly the One Winter’s Day book, which is beautifully written and illustrated and has a ‘touch and feel’ aspect on each page that Allegra enjoyed.  It also comes with a CD, which we haven’t listened to yet, but no doubt will in time, but we have read it many times over the last few wintery weeks in the run up to Christmas and it’s a lovely story.

The Bentley Organic Baby Lotion and Green People Sticky Hand Sanitiser items were also firm favourites from the box:


I haven’t yet opened the baby lotion as I decided I’d keep it for baby number two, due 25th January , but I like the fact that it is organic and is made with refreshing and nourishing aloe vera, chamomile, and lavender so it’ll be a nice post-bathtime lotion to indulge baby with pre bedtime.

The hand sanitiser meanwhile has become a changing bag staple and is great for all three of us when out and about, and because you don’t need to use it with water it is perfect for use on the go.  I like the fact that you can also use it with a cloth to wipe high chairs and clean toys, as well as hands and faces 🙂 plus it’s gentle enough to use on babies, so it’ll also come in handy when Richmond Baby #2 joins us:  I think it’s probably something I should keep a permanent supply of!

The last two products were also lovely but a bit off the mark for us in particular as they were a bit on the boyish side for girly girl Allegra and not quite the right age/size for her either, so we haven’t been able to put them to the test as such, but I think the socks will definitely be great for the new baby in time as they are lovely and thick, super soft, and made from organic towelling, so really cosy.  The little reversible bonnet (as modelled below by teddy!) is cute but again, I think it’s more for a boy than a girl, so I’ll probably hang on to it and “gift” it to someone.


All in all I would say that we were really impressed by the selection of products in the Nurture Box and think it’s a lovely idea, particularly as a useful gift for someone who’s just had a baby.  If you’re buying as a gift (either for someone else or indeed yourself!) then there are a number of different price options:  1 month/1 off box is £22, 6 months costs £120 (saving £12), and 12 months will set you back £228 (saving £36), and with the average value of each monthly box of products being worth £35-40 you certainly get good value out of a subscription.  Subscription prices are inclusive of postage and packaging.

There is also a charitable aspect to Nurture Box:  for each box delivered they make a donation to United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), which does fantastic work to provide nutrition and improve the quality of life for vulnerable and underprivileged children around the world.

In short, I would say that Nurture Box would make a lovely new baby gift in particular – anyone would be delighted to receive a box of goodies each month and it is genuinely exciting to open up the box and see what’s been sent each time.  A great way to discover some new products and the fact they’ve been chosen by a parents panel really shines through as they’re spot on in terms of being practical, fantastic quality, and useful to boot!

For more information visit the Nurture Box website.

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