Us as a three

As anyone who knows me and/or reads this blog will know, we are soon to become a family of four.  Before that happens, I was keen to capture some family pics of us a three and so booked a photo-shoot with the super talented Jess Morgan, a local photographer who had taken some amazing shots of Allegra at 7 months:  it felt like we needed some more up to date professional pics of our little toddler, now almost two.

So, back in November the three of us and Jess took ourselves off to Bushy Park on what was (thankfully!) a bright and crisp autumn/winter morning, to capture some family pics of us in the great outdoors.  As before, we were delighted with the stunning results and amazing shots that Jess has captured of us and choosing a mere 20 images has been really tough, but finally we did agree on a set and we now have them to enjoy forever.

Here are my top 10 from the day:

Allegra, 21 months

Allegra, 21 months

with Daddy

Allegra & Daddy

Allegra & Mummy

Allegra & Mummy

Our gorgeous girl

Our gorgeous girl

The 3 of Us

The 3 of Us

I love how our photos have turned out and how they capture us as a family as we are right now.  Jess is an amazing photographer and being a mum herself, seems to know immediately how to put a little one at ease in-front of the lens:  Allegra loved her and was happy to ‘perform’ on the day!  If you live in the West London or Surrey area and are thinking about having some professional photos taken (she specialises in baby and children photography) then I can’t recommend Jess highly enough.

Note:  we paid full price for our photo-shoot and images, which were not done for this blog or review purposes.  I simply loved the pics so much and so rate Jess as a photographer that I wanted to share these and genuinely highly recommend her if you are looking to do a shoot with your children/family.

14 thoughts on “Us as a three

  1. These photos are stunning. So gorgeous. How will you ever choose which ones to put up?
    I was the same right before I was about to pop, wanting to capture photos of us while we were still just a three, like I was capturing the end of an era somehow. And I’m so glad that I did. They will be lovely for you to look back on, and especially nice for Allegra as she won’t remember those pre-sister days. X

    • Thank you, yes we’re so delighted with them – it’s going to be v difficult picking which ones to print and frame and hang in the house that’s for sure! So glad to have had them done, a you say – a brilliant way to capture us in our final months of being a family of three 🙂 xx

  2. These are beautiful photos lovely, you all look so happy and A looks like a little angel in that outfit! 😉 And I know it was a couple of months ago but your bump looks so neat! Unlike mine that walks through a doorway 20 seconds before the rest of me.
    Enjoy your last few weeks as a three- I cannot wait to hear your news. xx

    • Aah thank you 🙂 we had a lovely day that day and I’m so happy we have that time as a family of three captured. My bump isn’t feeling quite so neat at the moment let me tell you, am feeling quite enormous now (and uncomfortable!!) – should probably lay off the chocolate biscuits! X

  3. Thank you so much – it was my pleasure to photograph Allegra again and capture how she has grown from a bouncing baby into a gorgeous little girl – who, like me, loves her cake! What a happy and loving family your new baby will have. Jess x

  4. Beautiful, beautiful pics-you all look so happy and radiant! Is that Richmond Park? You lady are also looking so fabulous! Four is fabulous but treasure the 3 of you now and everything is about to change (for the better!) xxx

    • Thank you 🙂 it’s actually Bushy Park, so not far from us. I’m excited about becoming a four, but really treasuring each day as a three right now and trying to make the most of my time one to one with Allegra while I can xx

  5. What a beautiful family! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy, fingers crossed for an on time childbirth! Allegra is such a sweetie! We look forward to the wonderful news! xxx

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