A Guest Post: Top Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Looking after yourself and staying healthy in pregnancy is important whatever age you are, but if – like me – you’re 35 or over and pregnant, then there are some specific things to keep in mind to keep you in good nick throughout.  This Guest Post from Neen – the UK leader in pelvic health – offers some top tips.


Age doesn’t matter these days when it comes to jobs or living your life – after all, 40 is the new 20, as the saying goes! But when it comes to getting pregnant, age does matter. Lots of working women want to concentrate on their careers and have no intention of getting pregnant before their mid-thirties, which is fine as long as they take some basic precautions to ensure they’re healthy.  Women over 35 who are starting a family should keep certain things in mind to reduce some of the risks that can affect their pregnancies.

Regular prenatal care

The first few weeks of your pregnancy are the most important weeks for your child’s development and health. Prenatal care includes exercising, counseling and reading books related to pregnancy and childcare. This is the easiest and the most fun period of your pregnancy so enjoy this time! Go for brisk early morning walks and start a routine of waking up early so you start getting used to the irregular sleep patterns you’ll experience once the baby starts growing.

Exercise your pelvic floor

Your pelvic floor gets most affected during childbirth and it can be particularly fragile for first time mothers and mature mothers. Not doing your pelvic floor exercises can lead to incontinence and wear and tear both during and after childbirth. It’s important to look after this area to help your body get back on track after pregnancy.

Keep up with your doctors appointments

Doctors appointments become a part of your regular routine when you are pregnant. Keep up with all of the appointments and do your best not to miss any in order to avoid any complications you might develop during the course of your pregnancy. When you are a more mature first-time mum, the chances of complications are slightly higher than for younger women, women over 35 are more likely to develop gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and thyroid problems.

Eat healthily

Finally, eating healthily is something we all know we should do, but it’s easy to let it take a back seat sometimes. Eating lot of greens, protein and fibre is extremely vital during pregnancy. Remember it’s not just you that you’re feeding but also your baby!  It’s okay to feel hungrier than usual and you don’t need to feel guilty if you have had that extra bit of food, as long as you make healthy food choices.

Pregnancy is something to cherish, but keeping some little things in mind and leading a healthy life will reap huge benefits for you as well as for your baby. Being a mature mummy is great as you’re that little bit older and wiser and have plenty of people around you to offer great advice and support.

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