I’m now just a little over 38 weeks so, all being well, we will have another little person joining the family in the next 2-3 weeks:  eek!  I can hardly believe that we’re so close to baby number two’s arrival and the end of our time as a family of three.  For so long, the 25th January 2013 seemed like a lifetime away and now here it is, on the horizon, waving at me merrily and fast approaching.

So I figured it was time to start preparing.  Up until Christmas, it was all about preparing to leave work, so my head was filled with to-do lists and handover notes and tying up loose ends.  No time to think about anything else really, especially not anything baby related, I just had to get to that 19th December date in one piece and depart from work in a fit state to feel I could comfortably go on leave without leaving a disaster-waiting-to-happen in my wake.  It was a bit of a slog, those final weeks, mainly due to the combination of agonising back/hip pain (now resolved thanks to the miracle working of a cranial osteopath who is a genius and “fixed me” after two sessions) and a daily commute into London that was trying at the best of times, let alone at almost 8-months pregnant, but the 19th of December did eventually roll around and then I was done.

Then Christmas hit.  A blur of family visits and present opening and eating and eating and more eating and more present opening and more eating and seeing friends and more eating.  And before I knew it, we were in January and finding ourselves with a matter of weeks before becoming a family of four.

Time to get cracking.  Richmond Daddy has been up in the loft, rooting around for all the baby stuff that was stashed up there over the last 22 months and we’ve now brought down the moses basket, the little baby cot, the first car seat, and of course… the clothes!  It has been my job to sort through the baby clothes and identify all those in the 0-3 month range, then begin the task of washing them all (again!) and then neatly putting them all away in the drawers that we’ve freed up in what is now the baby room – now we have moved Allegra into her “big girl’s room”, more on that at a later date – in anticipation of the new arrival.

So finally, at just over 38 weeks, I have properly begun to make preparations for our new baby girl.  It still all feels very surreal and I’m still not sure if the fact we’re about to have a new baby in the house has really sunk in, but perhaps it’s just as well to continue in a little bit of denial and enjoy this calm before the inevitable storm.

It’s been nice though, going back through Allegra’s clothes, seeing all the tiny babygros and little dresses that she lived in those many months ago, I can hardly remember the time that she fitted into them and yet there are certain ones that are so familiar to me, even after almost two years.  In many ways I can’t believe that she is almost two, where has that time gone?  And yet, in other ways, it’s hard to remember a time when she wasn’t here with us, making us laugh, making our hearts sing, and occasionally, of course, driving us around the bend (stop throwing your dinner on the floor for goodness sake child!).

I was thinking back to when I was getting things ready for Allegra’s arrival.  Unpacking all the baby clothes we’d bought, meticulously washing them in non-bio, and even ironing – YES IRONING!! – them:  I even ironed the muslin cloths for goodness sake!! What was I thinking…?!?  Second time around it is quite different.  Of course I’m still meticulously washing them, but the ironing… let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen!  I do feel a bit bad though that baby number two is going to live in “hand-me-downs”, but then they are all still in good nick and have only had one owner!  I think I will buy a new onesie for her though as a special new, just for her, babygro that she can wear when she’s first born, for all those first in-hospital pics.

There’s still plenty to do in advance of baby’s arrival of course, not least buying some newborn nappies, stocking up on the Sudocream, and getting in some new bottle teats and dummies (just in case!), oh and I think I should probably have a re-read of some baby books just to remind myself of the whole when to feed baby, get baby to sleep thing (or maybe I’ll just go with the flow and see what happens this time around!?!).  Oh, I should probably pack my hospital bag at some point too… a job for this week!

We’re getting there, gradually 🙂


16 thoughts on “Preparing

  1. Ahhh how exciting. I’m due at the end of March and I can’t believe how quickly it is coming around. When you are a parent time just seems to go ridiculously quickly x

  2. It’s funny how its so much easier to be chilled out the second time around. I was much later with preparations too, but then I think it’s because the second time you understand that most of the ‘stuff’ just doesn’t matter that much. As long as you have a few clothes, a few nappies and a few blankets you know you can get by.
    And I ironed muslins the first time too….. Madness! Certainly didn’t do that this time.
    And I bought one special new first day outfit too. Mainly so the new baby would have something that wasn’t handed down, but also because I was worried they might be so similar looking that I wouldn’t be able to tell their photos apart in years to come. X

    • You’re so right! Glad I wasn’t the only one ironing muslins first time around, ha ha, madness indeed! I’m so with you re the new outfit for hospital – I totally had the same thought process about thinking I might not be able to tell the babies apart from the photos in years to come, ha ha a good excuse to do a bit of shopping 🙂 xx

  3. It’s such a lovely time, going through all those old baby clothes and looking forward to the arrival of no 2. I’ve noticed I’m far less precious this time about what baby wears each day. My first earned the moniker ‘fashion boy’ from a friend because I changed him so often. This one just hangs out in the same babygro all day :0)

    The best thing I did in all the pre preparations for no 2 was to batch cook and stock up the freezer. Having lots of pre-prepared meals has been a lifesaver on the days when I’ve barely been able to do anything. COOK has also been a great source of food stocks too – and they have a new mum’s discount card! Good luck x

    • I think I will be exactly the same second time around, worrying less about putting her in “outfits” and just going for comfort and ease and therefore babygros! I shall take your advice re batch cooking, I did it first time around but wasn’t necessarily planning on doing so this time – sounds like it would be sensible to do though, will add to the to do list for this week (and will also investigate the COOK discount card, sounds genius!) xx

  4. I literally have nothing organised at all. I have a double buggy but only because we got one to review. Other than that I have nothing, the moses basket is still in the loft, Mads new big girl room is empty and is currently being used to dump all our rubbish, and I haven’t washed a single item of clothing. I have managed to buy a few new baby grows but that is all!
    I hope that I get more organised soon, my hospital bag is out in the garage with nothing packed in it.
    I can’t believe how little time you have got left! I still feel like I have ages and I think the last few weeks are going to drag! x

    • Well, don’t worry, you still have time – I literally only started the baby clothes laundry in the last few days and the baby could me here anytime now! We haven’t got a double buggy yet, hoping we might get away with not buying one if poss but might change our mind when trying to juggle 2 kids when out and about! Last few weeks are dragging a bit now yes but am trying to see them as the calm before the storm and enjoy them! Xx

  5. You’re on the home straight! So exciting. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t used a single muslin with baby number 2! She’s not a sicky baby so there’s been no need. Either that or my standards have slipped. Good idea to get your hospital bag packed at some point soon…! x

    • A was such a sicky baby I couldn’t have survived without muslins! Yes, home straight now but time is dragging a bit, would like things to get moving! Yes, hospital bag packing is top priority this week 🙂 x

  6. SOOOO exciting! Love how Alexander has been wearing some of Oliver’s old clothes and instantly, memories come back of when he was a baby too! It is such a wonderful time. Funny as this baby hates dummies and is totally different to my first. I don’t know if it’s a second baby thing but he’s one chilled out dude and despite re reading all the books, you simply trust yourself more this time and go with the flow (well I did/do). It’s a lot of work but so, so rewarding to see your family grow x

    • So good to hear that things are going well for you now you’re juggling 2 little ones 🙂 gives me hope that I might be able to do it too! Yes, I already feel much more relaxed about baby number two than I ever did about Allegra, so hopefully that’ll rub off on baby as well and she’ll be a chilled one! Exciting times indeed xx

  7. Awwww I can’t believe how soon it is until your newborn is due , and then the will be so many new twitter babies born!
    I remember getting all the things back out in preparation for baby number two, sooooo many to wash and sort through. Goodness this brought back some fond memories for me. That newborn baby smell awwww forgotten now of course but you can bottle some up and send it over if you like?
    Good luck as it could happen anyway now x x

    • I know, it’s really really soon now – could be any day in fact, but I fear my hopes for a spontaneous labour/VBAC are fading a bit as I approach 39 weeks and there’s no sign of anything happening… (Allegra was 2 weeks late, I was induced, got to 3cms after 34 hours of labour, then had emergency c-sec!) But I guess there’s still time, so here’s hoping! Thanks for all the best wishes, will keep you posted! xx

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