Review: mOmma cup with straw

mOmma cup with straw

We were recently sent a mOmma cup with straw to review and Allegra has been putting it to the test these past few months.  It’s not the first mOmma product we’ve reviewed, so we’re already fans of the brand, but it was the first cup of its kind that Allegra had got her hands on so I was interested to see how she might fare:  particularly as she’s recently become a big fan of straws!

When I’m in the market for a new cup for little Miss A, I have 5 few basic requirements, these are:

  1. Is it non spill? – because she’s a fan of tipping cups upside down rather annoyingly, which leads to spillage on her high-chair (not so bad), the sofa (pretty annoying), her own clothes (most annoying if this then means a change is required, especially when we’re about to go out!)
  2. Is it easy for her to hold and drink from? – arguably this might be better as the first requirement, but the neat-freak in me still looks for non-spill benefits above this!
  3. Is it easily portable? – can I throw it into her rucksack or my bag without fear of it leaking everywhere or emptying its contents all over our belongings?
  4. Is it easy to clean? – because I’m not up for having to poke around in nooks and crannies to ensure a thorough cleansing each time she uses it
  5. Does it have minimal parts to it? – because if not, then I’m likely to lose them and render the cup unusable within days of getting it

I have purchased many a bottle/beaker/cup over the past almost 23 months.  From those suitable for babies to those fit for transitioning to toddlerdom, from the impossible to open and irritatingly easy to spill thanks to its freeflow spout Tommee Tippee first cup to the ambitious and ended up chucking water all over herself Doidy Cup, and I can’t honestly say I’ve found the perfect one.  So it was with great rigour that we put the mOmma through its paces.

Here’s what the press release told us:

“The rounded bottom and ergonomic shape of the cups encourage a rocking movement to entertain your baby and capture their attention.  The soft silicone spout will never touch the surface of tables or highchairs ensuring maximum hygiene, and the colours and shapes trigger your baby’s curiosity, encouraging them to explore their surroundings.  Suitable from six months, the latest spill-proof technology delivers liquid only when your child sucks and is the perfect fit for little hands.”

The mOmma cup with straw that we had for review is recommended for children aged nine months and older.  Allegra was about 19 months when we got it to trial (yes, I’m a bit late with getting this review posted!), so perhaps it’s because she’s that much older but I can’t honestly say that the rocking movement entertained her in any way and I also don’t think that the colour or shape did much to intrigue her either – maybe she’s just a tough audience?  But how did it fare against my 5-point “must haves” check list?

  1. Is it non spill? – a big thumbs up here.  Miss Allegra has tried to tip it upside down and empty its contents on her high-chair table, it has frequently been chucked on the floor and/or the sofa, but apart from the odd minor dribble, surfaces have stayed dry.  Hooray!  Big Tick 🙂
  2. Is it easy for her to hold and drink from? – a more or less thumbs up here.  By and large, Allegra does find it easy to hold and easy to drink from, but two things to point out here:  one is that I think she’d probably be better off with the mOmma cup with straw and dual handles – another product in the same range, which is recommended for children aged 12 months or more – as I think she’d benefit from having the handles to grip on to.  The second thing is that she tends to tip it right up high to drink from it and if it’s not completely full then this can mean the spokey bit inside (not sure what the technical term is?!) can sometimes then be displaced out of the water, which means she doesn’t get anything to drink. I’ve been trying to explain to her that she needs to hold it a certain way around to avoid this happening or simply not tip it up skywards quite so much and she has more or less got the hang of that, but it works better if it’s completely full.
  3. Is it easily portable? – yes, a big tick here 🙂  and because of it’s clever protective lid, which is integral to the bottle and twists to secure the straw (which flattens below the lid when you twist it), it is nicely sealed and there’s no danger of a cap or lid coming off in your bag and soaking everything.  Yay!
  4. Is it easy to clean? – Yes!  🙂  I have been chucking ours into the dishwasher and it’s been fine, hasn’t shown any sign of discolouring as a result of being thrown in the machine, and when I have washed it by hand it’s also been super easy.  Big tick!
  5. Does it have minimal parts to it? Yes! 🙂  it’s basically got a bottom half and a top half and that’s it, so after having it for a few months we are still able to use it everyday because mummy hasn’t lost any vital bits to it (unlike most other bottles, beakers, cups I’ve bought over the last couple of years).  Big tick!

So, all in all, it’s been a big hit in the Richmond household and I’d give the mOmma cup with straw a big tick rating of 4 out of 5.  We also tried the cup out on a visiting toddler friend over Christmas, who is a few months younger than Allegra, and she very quickly found it easy to get to grips with and happily drank from it all day during their visit.  We’ve also had lots of friends comment on the cup when we’ve taken it out and about with us – remarking on how fancy and stylish it looked, which I agree, it does.

A few fast facts about the cup:  the mOmma range is Italian-designed and aims to combine style with the developmental needs of little ones, with all the convenience that mums crave. The mOmma cup with straw that we trialled is recommended for children aged 9 months plus and has an RRP of £5.99, for more information visit:


We were sent a mOmma cup with straw for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are honest and our own.

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