Due Date

Today, Friday 25th January 2013, is my due date.  The date that’s been marked in the diary for the last 9 months.  The date that’s been on the horizon all this time, it finally arrived.  And now, as I write this post, I check the clock and see that it is 23.25.  There is a mere 35 minutes left of Friday 25th January 2013.  35 minutes to go and that’ll be it, the day will be over, it will have come and it will have gone, and Richmond Baby #2 will it seems still be tucked up safely inside and showing no indication of wanting to enter the world.  Not yet anyhow.

So, here I am, 40-weeks pregnant, and going to bed with my little bubba safe and sound inside for another night at least:

40 weeks today

40 weeks today

Night, night bubba.  Night, night all xx

7 thoughts on “Due Date

  1. You look amazing! And of course any baby coming from such a stylish Mama would have to be fashionably late 🙂

    Due dates are such a weird thing… Both my girls were due on December 13th so I spent the best part of 2 seperate years obsessing over that date… Now it technically means absolutely nothing to me but will forever flag up in my head. So strange!

    Good luck with the next few days, can’t wait for your announcement!

    • Ah that’s v sweet of you, I don’t feel amazing! But yes, given that I am late for pretty much everything, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my two girls were/are also tardy!! How funny that your two were due on the same date, what a weird coincidence! Thank you, will update with news as/when I have it 🙂 xx

  2. Aw, you look lovely! The waiting game is so frustrating isn’t it? Don’t despair though – one way or another, your beautiful girl will be with you very soon. This time around I woke up on my due date feeling v grumpy that nothing was happening, but by the end of the day I was two hours from giving birth. Things change very fast. Anyway, keep busy and keep us posted! X

  3. Happy Due date lovely. You look gorgeous. You seem to have been lucky and not put wait on anywhere else except bump. Hurry up baby 2 and cannot wait to see your updates in a couple of days! Xx

    • Thank you! V sweet of you 🙂 I have been quite lucky this time around I think and not really put much on elsewhere, it’s mostly bump. Think it’s the difference between having a toddler to run around after this time around vs. last time and being able to sit on the couch eating chocolate whenever I wanted!! xx

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