Nighty Night

Bedtimes in the Richmond household have been a bit of a roller-coaster ride over the last few months.  Richmond Toddler has historically always been a good sleeper, going through the night from about 8-weeks old (I know, I know… and yes, I was probably a bit smug) – I put that down to her being a big baby, successful combination feeding, and inheriting her mother’s love of being in bed!

But, as she’s got older, we’ve been through some good nights, some not so good nights, and some terrible nights – as is, I guess, par for the course – and actually, I must confess, even the terrible nights haven’t been too terrible, but nonetheless, an interrupted night’s sleep and having to sing Twinkle Twinkle on a loop at 3.45am never goes down well with me.  And of course, when Allegra’s been suffering with a cold/cough/temperature/assorted other ailment, then all bets are off when it comes to a decent night’s sleep.

I was worried that when we moved her into her ‘big girl’s bedroom’ – in preparation for baby number two’s arrival (any day now…) – that it could impact upon her sleeping, but thankfully she embraced it with excitement and has been happy to have a new room, newly decorated, and more space to play as the room is bigger than her little nursery that she was previously in: so, all good 🙂

What’s also helped is getting her into a good bedtime routine, which has been a lot easier to manage since I have been home on maternity leave.  I was finding that her bedtime was getting later and later depending on what time I was getting home from work and before I knew it, it was creeping towards 9…9.30…sometimes even 10pm before she’d finally go down.  Bad times!

Anyway, now we’ve established more of a bedtime ritual and it’s helping to get her into bed by around 8pm ish, which is much better for everyone’s sanity and since she’s (almost) recovered from her latest cough/cold bout, she’s been getting some really good restful night’s sleeps and snoozing in until around 8am, which has been most most welcome!  Let’s hope that continues once the new baby get’s here (any day now, any day…!).

I’ve been trying to aim for her to have her dinner around 5.30-6pm each night, then after she’s had a chance to let her food go down, we head up for her bath usually around 6.30pm.  Bathtimes are a chance for some splashy foamy water play fun, which she always enjoys – although not if “washy hair” is on the agenda… “no washy hair mummy, no washy hair”… any tips on how I can get her to be okay with having her hair washed would be gratefully received! – she also enjoys singing some nursery rhymes in the bath, particularly “row row row your boat”, which seems appropriate, then it’s out for a cuddle dry in a big towel before we go to put her nappy and PJs on.

Choosing her PJs to wear each night has become a fun pre-bedtime activity and I think she enjoys the independence of having her say on what she wears!  So at the moment I’m constantly on the look out for gorgeous nightwear (that’s not too pricey) to fill her drawer with so she has lots of choice and can get excited about choosing different patterns etc.  I was recently introduced to a fab Swedish brand of children’s clothes called Polarn O. Pyret – they have a huge selection and sell online as well as in stores such as selected House of Fraser and Westfield shopping centres.

We were sent a gorgeous pair of butterfly print pyjamas in organic cotton to put to the test and wasted no time in trying them on for size…

Butterfly Print PJs, from £16.50, Polarn O. Pyret

Butterfly Print PJs, from £16.50, Polarn O. Pyret

Given they have short sleeves and cropped legs, they’re clearly going to be best for summer wear rather than the depths of a biting January winter, but both Allegra and I were really impressed first off by the quality – the organic cotton material is super soft – and design:  Allegra was particularly taken with the pretty butterfly pattern.  Here she is modelling them after her bath this week:


These PJs are size 2-4 years – Allegra is generally wearing age 2-3 years clothes these days and she’s 23 months – and they fitted well, whilst also being roomy enough for her to get plenty of wear out of them in the future.  I can see that in the warm summer nights, they’ll be lovely and cool for her to wear in bed and I like the fact that they have easy to open/close press studs that make them simple to get on and off – especially when it comes to last minute nappy changes post milk and pre bedtime.  Plus, they can be washed at a stain-busting 60°C, without fear of the colour running, which is good to know.

I can see that I’ll be browsing and shopping for more Polarn O. Pyret clothes in the future – not least because the quality and patterns are really great, but also because I’m a bit of a sucker for Scandinavian style!  And have already fallen for their Festival Florals prints range – so roll on summer!  Plus, there’s a special offer running online at the moment:  if you spend £40 or more you’ll get sent a free pair of moccasins worth £12.50 (offer valid until 6 Feb 2013).  Get shopping!

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