Introducing: Claudia Rose Cox



Born: Thursday 31/1/13
At: 11.45am

Weighing 8lbs 6oz
Measuring 54 cms

Happy Birthday Miss Claudia and welcome to the world!

33 thoughts on “Introducing: Claudia Rose Cox

  1. Congratulations!!! Claudia looks so cute. I bet Allegra is excited! Love Louise, Mark and Daniel xxx (Just noticed Mark has already posted!)

    • Thanks Louise 🙂 yes Allegra has been v v excited at the arrival of her baby sister it’s so cute to see her interact with her, she’s loving it! Let’s hope it stays that way! X

    • Thank you! Yes she’s a beauty, but then of course I’m biased! Feeling a bit sore post c-section but other than that all well so can’t complain. And yes, great to finally have Claudia with us 🙂 x

    • Yes, lots of people have said that – I can kind of see it, but at the same time I think she looks completely different (is that possible?!?! to look the same but different?!?). Yes, all went well with the c-section – bit scary going in fully lucid, last time I was drugged to the eyeballs and knackered after 36 hours of labour! – but it all went well and yes, I’m recovering well too… sore in many places, but getting there! Glad you like the names 🙂 your two have the coolest names ever! xx

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