Little Boo

Dear Little Boo,

I’m writing this to you at 00.31 on the 31st January 2013: the day you are ‘scheduled’ to be born. I should be asleep, my eyes are burning with tiredness and I need to be awake at 6.30am to call the hospital to agree what time I’ll go in for my c-section (planned because you’ve shown no signs of coming out of your own accord so far and now you’re 6 days overdue!). But instead I’m writing this short letter to you, because there’s a few things I’d like to say, just before we meet for the first time in person.

I can feel you wriggling every now and again as I write this and it’s so strange, but also exciting, to think that all being well this time tomorrow you won’t be inside there any more, you’ll be out in the world although still safe and snug with mummy, as I’ll no doubt be cuddling you and holding you tight and feeding you.

It will be so wonderful to finally meet you, to see your little face and to feel your breath on me as you snooze in my arms. But I shall miss having you safe and sound inside me, where I have kept you tucked up for the past 41 weeks.

You should know this, you are already loved and adored by your mummy, your daddy, and your very special big sister Allegra, who all can’t wait to have you with us and make a big fuss over you with lots of cuddles, lots of kisses, and lots of tickles.

You are so lucky to have a big sister like Allegra, who will be your best friend for life I’m sure and will love you unconditionally as will I – your proud mummy – and your daddy. We can’t wait to have you as part of our family and are so excited about all the adventures we’ll have together as a four.

Allegra is excited to meet you as her new baby sister and I’m sure she’ll shower you with kisses and cuddles and will enjoy introducing you to all her favourite things: Peppa & George, Cinderella, fairy princesses, and ballerinas! Ooh and music and dancing and playing instruments – I’m sure she’ll keep you entertained!

Be kind to us little one, we’ll do our very best but in these early weeks you might have to bear with us a bit as we adjust to having a new baby in the house again and mummy especially will be trying hard to figure out how best to ensure I have enough hands to take care of both you and Allegra as best I can but there’ll no doubt be some bumps along the road: we’ll get there though,

I wonder what you’ll be like? All that matters to me is that you’re healthy and we can take you home with us in a few days with a clean bill of health to start our new life together. I pray that you will be alright as you come into the world and that there will be no complications or scary moments to deal with, we just want you with us healthy, safe, and sound please god.

I guess I should really go to sleep now, it’s just past 1am and a good night’s rest is probably advisable (although I’m sure I’ll be up at least another 5 or 6 times before 6.30am to go to the loo!). I will sleep with my hands on my tummy just to protect you inside me for one more night while I can and to feel you there for that one last night, my special little boo.

Just like I do your big sister, I know that I already love you with all my heart and soul and I’ll try to be the best mummy I can for you both, now and forever.

Sleep tight baby boo, see you soon.
love mummy

7 thoughts on “Little Boo

  1. Sob. It is nostalgic isn’t it? You so want them to arrive but you miss the wriggles and hiccups and magic of being pregnant. Good luck girl. I hope it all goes well. x

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