Allegra Ballerina


Allegra has started ballet lessons!  I’d wanted her to start as soon as she was old enough and happily that has coincided with a genuine love on her part of all things ballerina, so it hasn’t taken much persuading to get her along to class: in fact, she practically runs all the way there on a Wednesday morning, shouting “ballet, ballet, ballet!!!” at the top of her voice.  It is too cute!

That doesn’t mean that when we get there though, she doesn’t act all shy and cling on to me for dear life until about 10 minutes before the end, when she is suddenly brave enough to tip-toe off and away from my side.  And then the class ends.  Sigh.  Still, I’m hopeful that as we go each week and she becomes more familiar with Miss Laura and Miss Maria (the glamorous ballet teachers), she’ll be brave from the start of the class, not just for the last quarter!

Anyway, this past week was her second class, and she really went in style, in her brand new Minnie Mouse Ballerina costume, complete with Minnie Mouse ears, from Jokers’ Masquerade, which – I kid you not – she refused to take off all day (the class was at 9.40am, so it was a full day of wearing fancy dress in the Richmond household last Wednesday!).  She was so excited wearing the dress that she twirled around and around in it holding out the skirt like a prima ballerina, showing off to me and Richmond Daddy, and honestly she looked SO adorable, it almost brought me to tears!

Thankfully – given that it was a mere 6 days since having had baby Claudia, Richmond Daddy was able to drive us there and back to the ballet class, otherwise I think it would have been too ambitious for me to attempt to get there with the baby and Allegra, for 9.40am, when usually I would drive but can’t at the moment as am recovering from a c-section, and I think even navigating a bus ride there would have been impossible.  So, it was great we had Daddy along for the ride and it meant we were able to capture some lovely photos too:  sadly no photos of Daddy, in his work suit, also taking part, when Allegra dragged him up to force him to take part in the pink scarf waving section of the class… it was quite a sight, but good on him for being game!

So, there we all were at Twinkle Toes, and we skipped about the room on tip-toes (I sort of lumbered across the room, rather than skipped, but again I point you to the fact that I was 6-days post surgery, so that’s my excuse obvs… otherwise, normally, I’d be prancing about as light as a feather…), we twirled and pirouetted like fairy princesses, we waved our magic wands – one of Allegra’s highlights! – and we pointed and flexed our toes in the “good toes, naughty toes” song.  And with a bunch of under 2s, yes, it was a bit chaotic and not everyone was doing everything at the same time, or even in the same place, but it was very sweet and fun nonetheless.




Not to brag, but obviously I think she may well be a Darcey Bussell in the making… ahem. What I do know for certain, is that her love for all things ballet and ballerinas has actually had a positive knock-on effect outside of the Twinkle Toes class… I told Allegra in the bath the other day that ballerinas love to wash and have nice clean hair and, after emphasising the point a bit more, she finally allowed us to “wash-y hair” with fairly minimal fuss. Winner!  I’m now going to try the same approach in some other areas, think “ballerinas like to eat broccoli Allegra, no really, they love it…”

Anyway, I shall be attempting to bring our little miss to ballet class each week, although it could be some undertaking to get us 3 out of the house and there in time for a 9.40am start – even if it is only a 10 minute drive down the road.  But, I shall do my best, because I can see how much she loves it and, who knows, it could be the start of a career on the stage… English National Ballet, brace yourself! (not that I’m a pushy mother or anything… *coughs*).

Disclosure:  we were sent the Minnie Mouse ballerina costume for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are honest and our own.  Jokers’ Masquerade has a great range of  child size fancy dress, from Angels & Fairies to Superheroes, and even child animal fancy dress – the child crab costume is a particular favourite of mine!

2 thoughts on “Allegra Ballerina

  1. VERY cute! 3YO goes to Twinkle Toes (in Twickenham) too and loves it – after the obligatory shy start to the lesson. I think all the teachers are amazing. They are so patient & engaging – brilliant. Enjoy!

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