Claudia at 2 weeks

week2picHappy Valentine’s Day one and all, hope it’s been a good one. Today also marks our beautiful new baby girl’s 2 week old birthday and I’m glad to report that she is thriving and doing well, as are we all… well, mostly. It’s not been the best of weeks for me, last Sunday I was struck down with the dreaded mastitis and have been battling it over the course of the last four days, which has frankly been zero fun, but hopefully I’m over the worst and I’m praying (and expressing!) that once it’s gone, it won’t return. Here’s hoping! Anyway, enough about me, how has week two been for little Miss Claudia?

Well, last Friday, we took ourselves off to register Claudia’s birth – it wasn’t quite the oddball experience we’d had when we went to register Allegra’s almost two years ago, but it struck me as strange nonetheless as it seems bizarre that you can register a baby and walk away with their birth certificate, without having to show one piece of ID at any point. I mean, going to collect a parcel at the Post Office requires more official documentation… odd.

We’ve had a few more visits from the midwife, to weigh baby and check on me post surgery. Thankfully Claudia has now just past her original birth-weight, so she’s thriving and putting on weight nicely, and we have now been discharged by the midwife, so we’re all done on that front. We also had a visit from the Health Visitor, who was very nice, but I honestly couldn’t really see the point of the visit when the conversation included such gems as: “do you have any concerns about baby at all at the moment? you know if you do that you should call the GP” (errr… no s**t?!) and “oooh you’ve got mastitis eh? do you think you should go to the GP to get some antibiotics?”…. as I said, not sure I could really see the use in the visit, but anyway.

Baby’s cord/stump thingy fell off yesterday, which I’m quite pleased about because I find them a bit gross if I’m honest! And it means we can bath her a bit more now I think – the only two baths she’s had since she were born were instigated out of necessity following two (separate) explosive poo incidents, when only a dunk in the tub were going to cut it in terms of a clean up. So Claudia had a proper, non poo instigated, bath today and seemed to enjoy floating about in the warm water: she enjoyed being taken out, dried, and dressed a whole lot less.

So yes, still not a fan of nappy changes nor clothing changes, but a BIG fan of snoozing (hooray for that!), cuddles and snuggles, being held tightly and snug on mummy’s chest or sleeping in the crook of my arm in the big bed with mummy and daddy (especially around about 5-6am…!), and having her head gently stroked as she falls asleep.

Things I have particularly noticed this week: baby Claudia has the softest, softest baby skin that I could stroke forever and the most beautiful inquisitive blue eyes that look at you with such curiosity. The other thing I’ve been enjoying this week is being able to continue to watch the beautiful relationship that is blossoming between Claudia and her adoring big sister Allegra, it makes my heart burst with pride and happiness and I can’t wait to see how their friendship grows.


2 thoughts on “Claudia at 2 weeks

  1. i totally adore that photo of the two of them in bed – so sweet. i always found the placenta cords grosse too and i was always relieved when the boys fell off! i am so sorry you have had mastitus and i hope you are able to get rid of it for good – so painful. Claudia sounds like she is doing so well which is a credit to you.
    i hope you are keeping well – its hard with two so young x x

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