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The theme for this past week’s The Gallery over at the Sticky Fingers blog has been ‘Girls’ and while I’m a little late to the party, I thought I must join in, not least because now I am a very proud mummy to not just one, but TWO gorgeous little girls… see above 🙂

I was very excited to find out I was having a baby girl when I was pregnant with Allegra (and ditto, when I was pregnant with Claudia actually) and she has turned out to be the most wonderful daughter any parents could ever hope or dream for: she makes me proud every day to be her mummy.

Allegra is sweet, and kind, and caring, and she makes people around her laugh, she is chatty and smart, and entertaining.  She loves ballet, and princesses, and Cinderella, and Play Doh, and ESPECIALLY Cinderella Play Doh!!  She enjoys books, and puzzles, and playing with her baby doll – especially pushing her around the house in her pram – and drawing, and hand painting, and doing “body slams” with Daddy (mummy is less keen on the latter…).

She loves sausages, and beans, and mashed potato, and pasta, especially pasta with pesto, and cheese – lots of cheese – and mostly cake, cake, and more cake, oh and biscuits – especially gingerbread men – and she LOVE, LOVE, LOVES being a big sister to her very precious little sister who joined the family a little over two weeks ago and has won all of our hearts:


Claudia couldn’t want for a better, more loving big sister than she has in Allegra.  She is completely adored by her and showered in “cuddles, kisses, and tickles” each and every day.  Yes, she’s also had the odd inadvertent whack to the head or over-enthustaistic squeeze, but all done from a “good place” by a big sister who is full of love for this new little girl who has arrived on the scene.

I’m already blown away by the blossoming relationship between my two girls and I’m so excited by what the future of their love and sisterhood holds, I think (and hope) it will be something very special.




3 thoughts on “The Gallery – Girls

  1. oh no u am such a bad blogging friend i so completely missed your wonderful news!!! i did wonder if you had given birth – i should have popped over sooner. i am so sorry.
    awww she has a beautiful name like her sister and the two of them well just gorgeous. x x

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