Happy 2nd Birthday Gorgeous Girl


Dear Allegra,

Today is your 2nd birthday.  What a big girl you are now, suddenly all grown up, I can hardly believe it and yet in some ways it seems like only yesterday that Richmond Daddy and I became parents, but how is it that it feels like we have known you forever?

I thank the heavens every day that we were chosen to be your mummy and daddy, you couldn’t make us more proud.  You are the sweetest natured, happiest and funniest, most entertaining, spirited, and special little girl, we couldn’t have wished and dreamed for a daughter as wonderful as you.  Each and every day we are thankful that you are ours and we are yours, and we love you with every fibre of our being (even on those days when you test us by answering every request with “no mummy, no daddy” or throw your food on the floor or refuse to put on your coat and shoes…).

You have become your own little person, with the most fantastic personality.  You adore your family and friends and they in turn adore you.  You astound everyone around you by how amazing you are with language and the things you come out with often has us in fits of laughter.  You love all things Peppa Pig, Cinderella, princess-y, and ballet is your current passion – so we have been spending a lot of time pirouetting around the living room with our magic wands dancing to Swan Lake music and the Nutcracker; even daddy has been willing to join in with “good toes, naughty toes”!

In the last three weeks we welcomed your new baby sister into our family and into our lives.  I was worried about how it might affect you, but I needn’t have given it a second thought.  You have been beside yourself with excitement since baby Claudia arrived on the scene and are besotted with her already.  You love to shower her with “cuddles – aaah – and kisses -mmmmwah – and tickles – hee hee hee” and she, I can see, already finds you highly entertaining to watch.  I can’t wait to see how your relationship grows and blossoms, it is destined to be very special.  Watching you step up to being a super big sister has made me more proud of you than I ever thought possible – seeing how you are happy to share mummy and daddy, your books and toys, the happiness that simply being able to lie down next to baby sister in your cot and snuggle up to her brings you, and how you rush to see her first thing in the morning and/or when you come back home from an outing or day at nursery, it touches my heart and makes me burst with pride and love.

You truly are one special little lady Allegra-boo and we love, love, love you now and forever.  Thank you for bringing such joy and happiness into our lives, simply by being you.

Happy 2nd Birthday,

love Mummy xxx

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