Claudia at 4 weeks


Another week has flown by and now, as if by magic, you are a whole month old!  Yes, 4-weeks of Miss Claudia Rose being in the world and in our little family, it feels like it has gone by in a flash!

You’re continuing to do well little miss and are nicely falling into a routine, so you have been very good to us in not keeping us up all night, which is much appreciated!  Usually you have your last feed of the day around 10-11pm, then will go to some time around 2am before looking for your next bottle, and then it’s another feed around 6-7am.  But last night, you had your last feed at 10.45pm and then didn’t wake until 5.40am!! I woke up with a start wondering what time it was and couldn’t believe it when I saw the clock, I almost panicked a bit because I felt bad that you’d gone 7 hours without a feed, but figured if you’d been hungry then you would have let us know about it!

I think one of the reasons why you’d slept so soundly is because mummy actually had you tucked up next to me the whole night, co-sleeping in the crook of my arm and nestled up close to my face, which you seem to absolutely LOVE.  It’s not something I want to make a regular nighttime habit of (as much as I love snuggling up to your newborn loveliness) but you weren’t settling very well in your moses basket and I decided to just give in and take you into the big bed with us for the night.  Obviously it suited you!


We still haven’t quite got around to weighing you at the baby clinic, but you certainly seem to be filling out nicely and getting lovely plump cheeks, although your arms and legs still look quite skinny-minny, maybe you’re destined to be long-limbed and lean?!  Daddy weighed you at home at the weekend and it looks like you’re around 9lbs, which is good (you were 8lbs 6 at birth), so you are gaining nicely although it’s funny to think that you still have a way to go to reach your big sister’s birth-weight of 9lbs 10!

Good news arrived this week in the form of the results of your heel-prick test and it was a relief to see that all the tests done came back negative and clear, so nothing scary and awful was picked up:  hooray for that!

You’re still sleeping an awful lot during the day, preferring to be held and cuddled and snuggled, more than being put down in your chair or moses basket – which can be a bit challenging if I need two hands to do something!! But in the last couple of days you’ve been awake for slightly longer spells at a time, gazing around the room with your big blue eyes exploring your surroundings, you seem to be much more alert and interested in studying faces, it’s so cute to witness.

Big sister Allegra is still your number one fan, she comes running into mummy and daddy’s room each morning to check on “baby sister” and greets you with a cuddle, kiss, and tickle at every opportunity.  You’re also the first person she asks for when she returns home from nursery on a Tuesday and Thursday, she can’t wait to see you.  She’s pretty good at being gentle with you, although we sometimes have to rein her back a bit when she gets over zealous with the hugs, and she’s starting to ask to hold you more and more.  Well actually she says “hold it, hold it?” – I believe the “it” she’s referring to is you, little Claudia… we are trying to teach her “her”…

You’re becoming very fond of some soft bunny comforters that you’ve been given as “welcome to the world” presents (the presents keep on a comin’!!) and I’m finding that you seem to like having one of them pressed up close against your face as you’re sleeping.  It seems to help you get off to sleep and then sleep quite soundly in your moses basket, so I’ll be keeping on with that to see if it continues to be comforting for you.  You certainly seem very cosy snuggled with bunny and it’s very cute to see you snoozing like that 🙂


3 thoughts on “Claudia at 4 weeks

  1. She is gorgeous, new baby snuggles are the best and 7 hours sleep – you may find her in your bed more often !

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