Claudia at 5 weeks

It is 5-weeks today since you entered the world Claudia and yet in many ways it is hard to remember a time now that you weren’t with us, you have slotted straight into our little family.


This past week has been a fairly quiet one, with lots of time spent at home, having a few people visit, and generally continuing to get to know each other, which has been lovely.

You are feeding well, on the bottle, and enjoying your milk enthusiastically and continuing to fill out nicely and your cheeks are becoming lovely and plump: perfect for planting kisses on!  You must also be growing length wise, although we haven’t measured you so aren’t quite sure how long you are, but I’ve just today had to pack away some of your newborn babygros as they are now a bit small for you when you stretch your legs, which you are increasingly enjoying doing.  In fact, more and more this week you have been “unfolding” and you seem to enjoy a good stretch and kick about when you are lying flat on your play-mat or changing mat.

You are still a big snoozer and especially love to while away the daytime hours drifting in and out of the land of nod.  This week, I’ve been trying to join you in catching up on some shut-eye, so on Tuesday and Thursday when big sister Allegra was out at nursery, we took ourselves back to bed in the morning and had a very long sleep, just the two of us, cuddled tight under mummy’s duvet in the big bed.  It was really lovely and I’m cherishing these memories of your newborn days that we’re forming together.


In fact, we’ve been continuing to co-sleep a fair bit this past week.  It wasn’t something I remember doing all that much with Allegra, but you in particular seem to sleep so much more soundly when you are snuggled up to mummy rather than in your moses basket (although you’re increasingly happy in there too), although I will confess I think we’re probably co-sleeping more because despite it not being the best quality night’s sleep for me, I just love being able to cuddle up so close to you and smell your lovely baby smell and know that you are safe in my arms.  I don’t want to create a situation where you become dependant on me to go to sleep as I don’t think that would be good for you, but I think I’m becoming a little bit addicted to our nighttime time together, so I’m not quite ready  to give it up just yet!


You have been a bit more awake during the day over the past few days and so have been spending more time in your swingy chair, gazing up at the twinkly lights it shines above you with interest and also enjoying time on your play-mat.  Amongst the visitors we’ve had this past week, your Great Aunt Lou came over to meet you for the first time and enjoyed lots of cuddles with you and brought you a lovely, smart onesie with matching bib, which you’ll look very gorgeous in I’m sure.

During the day, you still prefer to be held and cuddled for the most part and will often cry when put down, so there are many things I’m having to learn to do one-handed (type this blog post for one!)!  On Saturday night you were thoroughly spoilt by Nonno and Nonna, who were babysitting you and Allegra while Daddy and I went out to dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday, they took it in turns to hold you in their arms all night and you slept like the proverbial baby until we came home and woke you up for a feed.  Nonna said, “she doesn’t like being up there (in her moses basket, in our room) alone” and I think she’s right, you love to be with people.

Things I am particularly noticing and loving this past week:

  • that you are starting to focus more and are really looking at me when I hold you close to my face
  • that you are starting to make little gurgle and oooh, aaah sounds along with your usual repertoire of grunts and groans
  • that your eyes are still beautifully blue
  • that you look like you’re starting to try to smile (although granted, it could just be wind!)

6 thoughts on “Claudia at 5 weeks

  1. awwww what a little sweetheart! she is so gorgeous Bianca. i dont blame you for all those snuggles and cuddles in bed – they pass by so quickly. i found that my 2nd was and indeed still is, more attached to me and wants mummy time more than big brother ever did .
    lovely to see Claudia and i cant believe she is 5 weeks already x

  2. She sounds so similar to LL, she also doesn’t like being out down during the day, she’s definitely a lot more cuddly than mads was even at this age! We are also co sleeping a lot more, I didn’t do it with mads at all, but from about 4am she just gets so unsettled inher cot whereas I don’t hear a peep out of her if she’s next to me! Claudia is just beautiful. Xx

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