Allegra, Ben & Holly

When it comes to kids cartoons, Allegra has pledged her allegiance to Peppa & co. Granted I haven’t exposed her to that many other cartoons, well of course we’ve flirted with Postman Pat – she loves the theme tune and we sing it often, but the actual TV programme, meh she can take it or leave it so it seems – and there’s been the odd episode of Bubble Guppies, but she usually loses interest half way through, oh and occasionally she’ll sit through an episode of Angelina Ballerina, but that’s really only because she’s bonkers about all things ballet at the moment, so no, it’s pretty much Peppa all the way.  So I wasn’t sure how she’d react to taking in the live show of Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, which came to Richmond Theatre last Saturday/Sunday.

A friend and her little girl, one of Allegra’s best buddy playmates, had a couple of tickets going spare and asked if we’d like to come along.  Given that the theatre is a 10 minute walk from our house and it would be something nice to do on a Saturday afternoon in March, I snapped up the offer and mummy and Allegra had some quality time together.

Well, if sitting transfixed for a full hour (with approx. 1/2 hr interval) gazing at the stage as if hypnotised is any indication, she LOVED it!!  I wasn’t sure if she’d find the whole thing a bit freaky because when I’d looked up the show details, I was a bit freaked by the slightly weird looking masks the actors wear, but it seems this is not deemed freaky by the kids and instead, she was absolutely captivated by the whole thing – as these pics verify:



And she was absolutely pooped after the show and fell fast asleep in her buggy, her Ben & Holly balloon bobbing by her side, a contented smile on her face:


It didn’t seem to matter that she’d never watched Ben & Holly on TV, she absolutely flippin’ loved it – of course now she keeps asking for “Ben ‘n’ Polly (sic) on the television”.  It seems that Peppa may have a rival for Allegra’s affections.

8 thoughts on “Allegra, Ben & Holly

  1. That looks like such great fun! I want to try to take E along to see Peppa live at some point this year but am unsure if she’ll love it or freak out at lifesize 3d Peppa!! xx

    • A freaked out when we same a huge Peppa at Peppa Pig World, but she was younger then – I think she seems at an age where she’s starting to enjoy this kind of thing, so give it a go with E, you can always leave if she goes crazy! x

  2. Looks like a fab day out and brought back memories of when we lived in Barnes and spent so much time in Richmond. I loved Postman Pat as a kid yet Oliver much prefers Peppa and Thomas…I wonder if these shows connect greater or there is just so much more choice these days. I do love PP’s honesty and it’s so funny! He has just started to become interested in Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

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