Claudia at 6 weeks

claudia6weeksHello smiler!  Yes, you’ve hit the 6-week mark and you seem as happy about it as we all are – you’ve definitely started to smile and it is the cutest thing ever!  Today I was encouraging you to smile by tapping you gently on the nose and saying “boo” and we captured some great photos of you smiling and looking very happy indeed.

We’ve had a good week this past week, you’re continuing to sleep loads during the day, feed when you’re supposed to (thank you Gina, I know she’s not for everybody but she’s working for me once again!), and generally be a very very good little baby – thank you! More often than not, you still prefer to be held, usually by mummy, and sometimes that makes it challenging to get much done during the day when I often have to attempt chores and activities one-handed (it’s amazing what you can learn how to do with the use of one hand, your chin, and a bit of a podgy tummy that can provide a good shelf when needed!)!

Nighttimes are generally pretty good and you tend to sleep very soundly after your last feed of the day, around 11pm, until around 3am ish, but often after that feed you don’t really settle that well and while you’re not crying, you keep me awake with general snuffling, whinging and murmuring, until I give in around 4am and just take you into bed with us and once I have you up close to me and snuggled all warm and cosy with mummy you sleep soundly until around 7am.

On Friday we had cousin Claire come to visit, she fell in love with you straight away and took the most amazing photo of you sleeping, I think it is probably my favourite photo of you to date, you look so beautiful and serene, and your little pouty mouth looks particularly gorgeous:


On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day, my first as a mummy to two, which made it extra special, and you and your big sister and Daddy made a big fuss of me with breakfast in bed, a beautiful photo-frame filled with lovely photos of my girls, and Daddy filled the whole house with vases of daffodils too, I felt very special.  Later that day we went for a meal with Nonno & Nonna and Aunty Chrissy at the pub close to our house and you slept through the whole thing despite it being very noisy and there even being live music!

The rest of this past week has been the usual mix of going with big sister Allegra to music class on a Monday, ballet on a Wednesday, seeing grandparents Monday and Wednesday, and then having quiet days at home with mummy on Tuesday and Thursday when Allegra goes to nursery:  those are the days when we really get a chance to catch up on sleep (me in particular!) and spend lots of quality time snuggling together, precious time.


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