Review: Baby Cards Now


What with cramming in Christmas, the arrival of a new baby, and then Richmond Toddler’s 2nd birthday all in the last 11 weeks, we’ve been very generously showered in gifts from family and friends and the like, all of whom have been seriously in need of a thank-you card as a token of our appreciation and, well, because, it’s just polite isn’t it?  A little thank-you note goes a long way I believe.

Anyway, given the events of the last (almost) 3 months, I must confess I have been hard pushed to actually sit down and write these much needed thank-you cards and get them out in the post.  The intention has been there though, honest!  And whilst it’s true that it’s “the thought that counts” I do actually intend to do more than just think about writing and sending thank-you cards, I actually do plan to write and send thank-you cards, at least sometime before next Christmas/the baby’s 1st birthday/the toddler’s 3rd birthday all roll around again.

So, it was fortuitous and excellent timing when Baby Cards Now got in touch to offer me the opportunity to put their website to the test.  Baby Cards Now is a family run online business offering personalised cards and invitations, and other printed products, for every possible occasion you can think of from birth announcements to birthday cards, height charts to kid’s birthday invitations.  Given my good intentions, I decided to create and order some personalised thank-you cards and I’m pleased to say was delighted with the results.

After browsing the many different options and templates/designs available, I went for this one, a folded card with a pretty pink patterned border.  I then uploaded a pic of my two little monkeys to the site, personalised the text on the front, and hey presto!  I ordered 50 cards, which arrived swiftly (delivery is free and promised within 3 days) and came complete with plain white envelopes.  I was really impressed with both how easy it was to create the cards online as well as the quality of the cards when they arrived, they really do look fab and the photo quality is excellent.

Thank-you cards = done! (well, almost… I still actually have to write and send them… if only there was a website that could do all that for you too…)

Disclosure:  I was given 50 complimentary thank-you cards for the purposes of testing and reviewing Baby Cards Now UK, but all opinions are honest and my own.

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