Claudia at 7 weeks

week7It’s week seven and little baby Claudia you are doing well and becoming more and more alert and aware of your surroundings.  You still enjoy sleeping lots during the day, which I must admit I am quite thankful for! But you’re also a pretty good sleeper at night, although between the hours of 3.30-5.30 you tend to be a bit restless and while you’re no longer looking for milk at that time and you’re not waking up properly, you’re not sleeping soundly unless I bring you in to bed with mummy and then you sleep without a peep!  I’m trying not to do that too much though so am persevering settling you with your dummy and some head-stroking, which usually does the trick and gets you back to sleep albeit sometimes only for 30 mins or so before I have to do it again!

We’ve had quite a busy week this past week.  Cousin Jo and her boyfriend came for Sunday lunch to meet you little one and thought you were a sweetie, they brought you a very pretty dress/romper suit that will be perfect for you come summertime (if we ever get any sunshine!).

On Monday, we took a drive out to Nonna and Nonno’s house – mummy can finally now drive again, hooray! – and it was your first visit to theirs, you slept all the way there in the car and did rather a lot of sleeping while we were there too.  We also paid a visit to a cranial osteopath that day, who checked you over and said that your chin was a little further back than was ideal, that you had a really good shaped head but it was a little banana-shaped on top (?!) and a bit more bulbous on one side versus the other, and that your rib-cage wasn’t as square as it should be (apparently due to a growth spurt that your shoulders had  yet to catch up with!) and so she did some treatment for you to correct those things and we are going back next week, after which she thinks you’ll be all good to go and won’t require any further sessions.  I know not everyone believes in the merits of taking a little bubba to a cranial osteo, but all I know is that when I was in agonising pain during the end of my pregnancy, she sorted me out in two half-hour sessions and I was completely pain-free, so I’m now a believer!

On Tuesday we went to the baby clinic for the first time and you were weighed and your length measured.  You are now 4.92kg (approx. 10lbs 13oz) and sitting just above the 50th percentile and measure 55.5cms, again just above the 50th percentile.  You are happily guzzling your milk, so are feeding well, which is reflected in how well you are putting on weight nicely, and have successfully fallen into a good little (Gina!) routine, which makes feeding times predictable and easy for mummy and daddy!

On Wednesday we took a drive out to visit Granny and Grandad and spent the day with them, again you slept all the way in the car but then during the day – although granted, you did sleep a fair bit – you were much more alert and spent a lot of time gazing around at the new surroundings and kicking happily on your mat.  In fact at one point you looked like you were almost about to roll yourself over, you were certainly giving it a good try, which was quite scary!  I shall have to be careful about where I put you down, or else I might return to find you on the floor!


Today we enjoyed our usual Thursday morning lie-in/sleep catch-up as daddy took your big sister to nursery and we took ourselves back to bed after your first morning feed.  I just love being able to snooze with you snuggled up close to me and to see your funny little sleepy face and pouty lips as you dream of milk and snuffle in your slumber.  Adorable.  You were treated to more cuddles and coo-ing over by my friend and her gorgeous little one-year old daughter who came to visit and to meet you.

You have been really smiling lots more this week and it is the cutest thing ever!  If we smile lots at you, or tap your nose gently, or blow raspberries, it often provokes a smiley faced response from you, and it makes us all laugh to see your happy little grin.  I can’t wait to see more smiles and hear your first giggle: so much to look forward to little one 🙂

3 thoughts on “Claudia at 7 weeks

  1. Aw Bianca she is gorgeous, I have had a couple of smiles off LL but i can’t wait for some more. We have been getting away with only two feeds a night but the second feed is always what makes her unsettled, however this past week we have been perservering with putting her back in her cot and not letting her come in to our bed until at least half five/six. I must admit I love the sleepy snuggles when she comes in our bed but I don’t want to get in the habit of it. x

    • Thank you 😉 the smiling is the BEST thing ever! Sounds like LL is doing great if she’s only down to 2 feeds a night now, well done little one! Yes, same as C, she gets unsettled from about 4am onwards and really the only thing that gives us all a decent sleep from that point onwards is to take her into our bed – same as you, love the sleepy snuggles but bit worried I could be creating a problem longer term… ah well! x

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