Claudia at 8 weeks

8weeksWow, we’ve hit the 2-month mark and you’re 8 weeks old today little baby CC – time is flying! You’re doing well though and it’s exciting to see you becoming more and more awake during the daytimes (although you still snooze a fair bit too!) and you’re smiling more and more, which is just adorable.

I have been trying to figure out just what prompts you to smile and so far, it seems that you give us a grin in response to:

– little gentle touches on your nose

– mummy/someone giving you a big smile up close to your face

– lying on your changing mat and seeing your Peter Rabbit mobile above you and when the music starts playing you often give a really big smile, you LOVE that musical mobile it seems!

You have also been coo-ing quite a lot this past week too, which is TOO CUTE! I am so looking forward to hearing you make more new sounds in the coming weeks and months, it really helps to make you that much more interactive, which is lovely.

You’re still loving your milk and are enthusiastically drinking lots but thankfully are still on the Gina routine, which makes feeding very predictable. We had dropped your one middle of the night feed about 10 days ago, but in the last couple of days I re-introduced it as you were increasingly unsettled from about 3.30/4am onwards and unless I took you into our bed you simply wouldn’t go back to sleep soundly again.

So, the middle of the night feed is back, just 60mls, and that seems to be helping, but I still think you’d prefer it all round if you could just snuggle with mummy in bed! I must confess that while it doesn’t give me the best night’s sleep, it is adorable to wake up to your chubby-cheeked little baby face, pressed up close to me, even if it is the crack of dawn – you really are a very beautiful baby girl and I’m trying to soak in all these times I get to gaze at your little sleepy face because I know that all too soon you’ll be a snotty nosed toddler refusing to put her coat on to go outside in minus one degrees weather (ahem… not looking at anyone in particular… love you darling first-born!).

We went to the cranial osteopath again this week and she did a bit more work on your head as well as your body. Apparently all the re-alignment she did the week before was still in place, so that was good, and in this session she just sorted your (apparently) banana-shaped skull on top (!!) and now you have the perfect-shaped head and everything is where it should be… you don’t look any different to me if I’m honest, but then I couldn’t see quite what she was talking about to begin with, but I totally trust this osteo because she completely cured me of back and hip and leg pains in pregnancy after two sessions, so I think she’s amazing!

You’re such a happy and content little baby, we’re so very lucky to have struck gold again with another good one. The only time I really see you lose your temper – and when you do, you properly go for it on the crying and turning purple front! – is when I have to get you into your snowsuit and into the car seat. NOT a fan of that! But usually you calm down by the time the car starts moving. I think sometimes though it’s the exhaustion of all that wailing and protesting that causes you to pass out to sleep!

Amazingly though you don’t always sleep in the car or in the buggy, which surprises me. Allegra used to be constantly asleep as far as I remember when we were on the move, but you seem to enjoy keeping your eyes open and observing things even when we’re out and about. Don’t get me wrong, you usually sleep for the most part, but I’m impressed you don’t necessarily zonk out the minute we start moving in the car or when out for a walk.

Other things I have particularly noticed and wanted to capture this week:

– You have the most gorgeous eyes. They are still blue at the moment but I think what makes them particularly striking is the long black eyelashes that frame them. When you’re lying down and I’m looking up at them as I change your nappy or get you dressed, they just look so so pretty. I’m intrigued as to whether or not they’ll stay blue or change to brown like your big sister’s.

– You have the most beautiful little lips. They are really pointy and defined on the top lip and lovely and plump on the bottom lip. Gorgeous and pouty, I am most envious! When you’re upset though, you stick your bottom lip out and it quivers and it really pulls at the heart-strings!


– You absolutely adore your bunny comforter for snuggling into when you go to sleep, in fact aside from snuggling with mummy it is the one thing that is almost guaranteed to help you go off to sleep and to sleep soundly, but if frightens me that you want to bury your face into it so deeply! I keep moving it away from your nose and mouth when you snuggle into it too much and I keep a close watch and then as soon as you’re asleep I take it away as I worry about you having it when I’m not keeping an eye on you.

– You do some brilliantly loud burps! ha, ha! They are burps worthy of a pint-drinking bloke down at his local, it’s hard to believe they ring out from this tiny little 8-week old butter-wouldn’t-melt baby girl! And they always make me laugh out loud when you do them!

Voting for the BiBs 2013 has opened and this time, I’m putting aside my pride and going for some straight-out asking: if this blog has ever entertained you, touched you (not in an inappropriate way obvs…), or made you smile, then I would love it if you would vote for me in the BiBs – the Family and/or Laugh categories would be great, thanking you.

8 thoughts on “Claudia at 8 weeks

  1. Oh, she is absolutely beautiful, just look at that perfect little mouth….so lovely.

    I love the name Claudia, if I’d had another girl, that was going to be my name 🙂

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