Allegra’s big girl bedroom

Allegra became a big sister at the end of January and she’s embraced the role beautifully! She absolutely adores little baby Claudia and it’s so precious to see her face light up when she looks at her, I’m convinced (hopeful at least!) that this will continue and they will become the best of friends.

As is befitting of a big sister, in advance of Claudia’s arrival, we moved Allegra from her little nursery room into her ‘big girl’s bedroom’.  She moved in to the room just before Christmas and ever since we’ve been working on making it the perfect little space for a cheeky little monkey 🙂

It is still a work in progress, we need to put up some shelves and some pictures (but Richmond Daddy usually needs about a 6-month run-up before getting around to fulfilling my requests in these matters), I’m also thinking a nice little rug would look cute and maybe some more wall stickers to really finish it off, but it’s getting there and is looking pretty good (if I do say so myself!).  But, in the meantime I wanted to share one of my favourite finds for her room…

IMG_7536These gorgeous fabric letters that we’ve put on the wall above her cot (in an impressive and uncharacteristic short-turnaround by Richmond Daddy, he put them up a mere few days after they were delivered!) from Mamas & Papas have really brought a striking and super-cute focal point to the room.  I just love the vintage style fabrics – the letter E is particularly gorgeous as it has an elephant and giraffe print that is perfect for a little’uns bedroom – and the fact you can create a unique and bespoke combination with a mix and match of different fabrics (and different letters of course!).

I searched quite a bit for some letters to hang on the girls’ walls and could never quite find what I was looking for, these ones I found via a friend who had discovered them and bought them for her son’s wall (the boy fabrics are gorgeous too) and so I took myself off to Mamas & Papas.  I like the fact that they are a really good size and are nice and chunky, so they look substantial and not flimsy in any way.  Richmond Daddy has confirmed that while he had to do a bit of measuring and plotting out on the wall to get them all spaced out correctly and fitting into the space, they were very easy to hang.

We’ve also bought them for Claudia’s nursery but those still haven’t been hung on the wall yet (ahem, nudge nudge RD!), so are just perching along the cot frame (note. baby’s still in our room so not in danger of a letter C falling on her head in the night, fear not!):


The letters are available online (but you don’t get a choice of fabrics, you just order by letter and get whatever fabric you get so to speak) and/or in-store from Mamas & Papas and are £10 per letter.  So, they’re not cheap, but honestly the quality is really good and they are by far the best I’ve come across (and I’ve done a fair bit of research to find the perfect fabric letters!).

Disclosure:  Mamas & Papas kindly gave us a 30% discount on the letters, but all views and opinions on them are honest and my own.

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6 thoughts on “Allegra’s big girl bedroom

  1. I love the letters, they really make the room….

    I’ve been sorting out and working on my son’s room all day, I love all his blue bits & pieces but there’s something so lovely & pretty about little girls’ rooms, yours are gorgeous 🙂

    • Aw thank you 🙂 yes, I really love them! It’s fun putting their rooms together but I have to stop myself from getting carried away with all the lovely things you can buy for little girls’ rooms though – far too many tempting things out there! x

    • They’re fab aren’t they? Really great quality too, Allegra loves looking at her name on the wall 🙂 The light fitting I bought from litecraft and had it in there before it became Allegra’s room but decided it could stay as I love it so much! Have fun decorating your son’s room xx

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