Claudia at 9 weeks


You are 9 weeks today baby Claudia and growing fast – weighing in at around 12lbs now and tracking (according to the GP) at the 75th percentile (unlike the midwife or whatever she was at the baby clinic who said you were “just above the 50th”, hmmm…).

Last week, I finally took another look in your wardrobe that you share with big sister Allegra and realised that you had all these cute little outfits that were for up to 1 month old or up to 13lbs and thought, eek – better get you wearing some of them before you’ve out-grown them all! I’ve been putting you in comfy, cosy babygros since birth because they’re so easy (anyone who has tried to put tights on a newborn will testify to this!), but I decided it was time to break out of the babygros and get some wear out of the “outfits” and I must confess that while they are a bit of a pain to get you in/out of them, they do look super cute! Although am not so keen on the fact that they make you look quite grown up already, I want to keep you as my little newborn baby for a little bit longer please!

So, we’ve had a great week this past week, celebrating Easter – your first – with family and friends and watching you in amazement as you become more and more alert and interactive.

You enjoyed some giggles with Grandad on Easter Sunday, the two of you were getting on like a house on fire that day it was hilarious. Grandad was crying with laughter and you were cooing away like a little turtle-dove and giving him your best smiles. I think you may already have him wrapped around your little finger (much like your big sister Allegra). You were a bit too little to go on Aunty Susan’s great big Easter egg hunt, so Allegra collected all the eggs on behalf of the two of you. I suspect next year you’ll give her a run for her money! Granny and Grandad gave you a little soft toy butterfly for Easter and you have been totally fascinated by it, you love staring at it and smile when I brush it against your cheek, you’ve also given it a bit of a punch with your fist! It will have a job to do to replace your bunny comforter that you like to snuggle up to at night, that is your number one favourite toy by miles at the moment!

Fun times were also had with Nonna and Nonno and Aunty Chrissy on Easter Monday, with lots of cuddles and snuggles had with Nonno in particular who seems to be happiest when you are cosied-up to him in his arms. Again you missed out on a chilly Easter egg hunt in the garden (the weather we’re having for April is truly awful, it’s like the bleak mid-winter out there at the moment, it was even snowing today!), but I’m sure come next year you’ll be tottering about scooping up as many eggs as you can lay your hands on.

Today wasn’t much fun for you though, we went to the GP for your 8-week check up (yes, slightly late due to not being able to get an appointment with the GP I like until today, tedious!) and you didn’t really enjoy being prodded and poked, but the good news is that all was deemed to be well. Apparently you already have good strong neck/head control, good muscle tone and everything appears as it should in terms of your eyes, ears, hips etc, which is great news. You have got a little bit of cradle cap at the front of your head poor thing and on your eyebrows, it’s not bad but it’s pretty flaky (I’ve been calling you flaky face… I know, mean mummy!) and you have quite dry skin on your cheeks, but that’s not surprising given you’re going outside in the biting cold then coming indoors and being blasted by central heating – we’ll all end up flaky faced at this rate, bring on the Spring!

We then saw the nurse for your first round of immunizations, which is never much fun. There you were, looking cute and smiling at the very lovely nurse – who was also the nurse that your big sister had her jabs with and who I think is really nice, so I was glad at least that you had her to do them – and then BOOM! jabbed in each leg with a needle and boy oh boy did you let us know about it! You pretty much screamed the house down and went an interesting shade of purple. Basically, you were not impressed. And I guess I don’t blame you, poor thing, but still, it’s for the best and all that…. so, we’ll be back there again in 4-weeks time for the next lot, eek!

You have been so interactive this past week, really looking at those of us around you and smiling and grinning when we do something that entertains you like blow raspberries or give you big cheesy grins and chat to you. On Tuesday when big sister Allegra was out at nursery, we had quite the natter – me yabbering away to you and you cooing in response, it was lovely. I tried to catch some of it on film but every time I put my camera up to you, you just stared at it in wonder and were silent… ah well, will have to keep trying!

Nights have been quite good, we’ve re-introduced a small feed of 60mls if you wake for it and there’ve been a few nights where you’ve had it, but mostly rather than waking and looking for milk, you just seem quite restless on some nights and that means I get a pretty broken night’s sleep as I keep waking and settling you or just being aware of your snuffles and fidgeting, your huffing and puffing. I’m willing to suck it up though because I’m so not ready for you to move into your own room yet and though it makes me tired to not get a full night’s sleep, I enjoy hearing your little noises. I know this newborn phase goes by so quickly, so love having you close by and want to keep you there as long as possible.


Voting for the BiBs 2013 has opened and this time, I’m putting aside my pride and going for some straight-out asking: if this blog has ever entertained you, touched you (not in an inappropriate way obvs…), or made you smile, then I would love it if you would vote for me in the BiBs – the Family and/or Laugh categories would be great, thanking you.

3 thoughts on “Claudia at 9 weeks

  1. awwwww she looks so happy and adorable in the first photo . i cant believe she is 9 weeks old already – the time is whizzing past. she sounds like she is progressing really well too which is always a good thing to hear isnt it? lovely stuff xx

    • thanks Jenny, yes she’s a very happy little soul, we are blessed that she is so content and doing so well but like you say, can’t quite believe how quickly the time is flying by! xx

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