Out out

I went out on Friday night.  Out out.

Dinner in Soho.

Three hours of back-to-back karaoke.  Me, my sister, 3 cousins, and my 69 year old but you’d think he was 25 year old uncle.

Wine drinking.

Impersonations of Macy Grey, Axl Rose, Will Young, Andy Bell, Meatloaf, Elton… we did them all.  Hilarious fun (slightly cringeworthy watching the video evidence though).

Post karaoke meet-up with 2 gorgeous friends from work (who I’ve been missing since I’ve been on maternity leave).

A Jägerbomb.

A G&T (or two…).

Dancing (I think…?!) at G-A-Y Late Bar until 3am.

Cab home.

Rolled in around 4am.

Collapsed into bed.

Healthy amount of “bad person feeling” (post drinking self-loathing) has dominated most of the rest of my weekend, but…

Oooh it felt good to let loose for a bit.

Thank you Richmond Daddy for picking up the slack this weekend, I think I may just about have recovered to be back up and running in full capacity now.

Normal mummy duties/service resumes as of tomorrow.

Voting for the BiBs 2013 has opened and this time, I’m putting aside my pride and going for some straight-out asking: if this blog has ever entertained you, touched you (not in an inappropriate way obvs…), or made you smile, then I would love it if you would vote for me in the BiBs – the Family and/or Laugh categories would be great, thanking you.

12 thoughts on “Out out

  1. wow i have night out envy! and you did well to stay out so late i would have flagged a few hours earlier!! what a lovely hubby you have too and what a great photo too x

    • I’m not quite sure how I lasted that long but I did fall asleep in the cab on the way home (standard!), still yes, it was quite a night staying out that late although I did suffer a bit for it the next day. OH was amazing letting me recover at my own pace though, very thankful for that! x

  2. Good on you. I came back with a cocktail in a milkshake cup, post-baby night out…no idea how I happened upon the milkshake carton. Sounds like masses of fun. xx

  3. Wow! Not sure I’d last that long – it must have been a great night. Well done you. Fun is good for the soul. Mummy services are bound to improve as a result, I’m sure 😉

  4. Sounds like a FAB night! I miss those late night karaoke sessions… just can’t face the next day though or THE FEAR. xx

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